Community Chronicle: 13/07/14

It looks like Brazil have got themselves into another little pickle, as I take a quick look at ITV to see what’s going on. There’s Brazilians doing Mexican waves to keep themselves entertained as a consequence, but here’s hoping they can enjoy seeing Germany give their Argentinian neighbours and arch-rivals a good drubbing tonight, eh? There’s probably only so much footballing heartbreak they can take!


It’s been a somewhat strange week in the news this week, with a smattering of interesting topics, but not all that many discussion going on about them. I guess one of the bigger stories comes from SCE CEO Andrew House’s statements about the PlayStation 4’s performance in Japan. Even with over 600,000 sales in a comparatively small market, it’s a long way off the dominance that it has elsewhere in the world, something with House pins on a lack of Japan-centric games.

After figuring out that it’s likely selling at a similar rate within the 127m populace as it is in the other regions combined, MrYd said, “Doesn’t look so bad when you look at it that way, does it? Looks more like ‘doing sensible numbers in Japan in line with everywhere else’, rather than ‘doing badly in Japan” or “not doing as freakishly well as previous generations’.”

DJ Judas hopped in with some first hand experience:

When I was there in April, there was very little in the way of advertising for anything related to the PS4. The majority of advertisement seemed to be for Ninty and PS3/Vita. Heck, in the game areas of huge stores there was far more in the way of PSP advertisement and availability than for PS4.

When more home-grown Japanese games start appearing on the system, I think we’ll see more sales. How well would a system do in the west now if it launched with 90% non-American/European titles?

Personally, I think he just wanted to brag about going to Japan.

Sticking with Sony and another of their higher ups, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation, Adam Boyes, suggested that we might see an Early Access scheme added to the PlayStation Store, similar to that of Steam. It’s a notion that, while it has certain merits of allowing developers to get their games on sale quicker and support their development costs, seemed to have plenty of detractors.

Bunimomike, for example, had this to say about Steam’s implementation:

Steam has itself in a pickle. I definitely didn’t like seeing the Summer Sales containing so many Early Access titles charging (in)decent amounts of money for certain titles. Also, the quality of an unfinished game ranges from “oh, this is pretty close to finished” to “good god, this is an abomination… what have I let myself in for?”!

However, DividSmythe liked the idea, but only “As long as it is cordoned off in its own area of the store. All the help bedroom devs get the better IMHO. I do understand some games will never be finished but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Roll it Sony.”

We’ll round things off with a trip to Blizzard who surprisingly said that they were unsure whether or not Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition will receive patches after its release on PS4 and XBO.

Homerjnick saw this as a big issue, pointing out that “Patch 2.10 has all the goodies in it like Greater Rifts and Leaderboards, so none of these looks like making it to consoles if they are patching it only to 2.06 and don’t plan to patch it any of their new content.” before concluding that he’d be just as well off sticking with the PS3 release and buying the expansion pack separately.

Appealing to common sense, Kennykazey suggested that “I don’t think it needs an update as frequently as on PC, but they should bundle together patches and give them to console players every now and then. Especially since the console versions are seen as the better ones.” However, others commented to say that they would definitely be waiting to see what Blizzard decide to do before making the leap on this game.

Sounds like Blizzard will have to make up their minds soon if they want to see existing fans jumping on board.


Youles has been beavering away at a bunch of games this past week, but it’s the PS3 that has seen by far the bulk of his time, as the PS4 sits quietly biding its time. Still, he’s claiming the record time for The Wolf Among Us platinum on PS3, noting his time down right to the very second, just in case there were any challengers.

Similarly incessant trophy hunters R1MJAW and Crazy_Del have also been rather busy, with a pair of platinum trophies each. R1M took the record for Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and also nabbed all the trophies for Lego Batman 2 on PS Vita, while Del put in record times for Sniper Elite 3 on PS4 and Mortal Kombat on PS3, having taken three years since the game launched to get there.

Joining R1MJAW with a spot of Guacamelee! was Eldave0, but rather than completing the game on PS4, he’s been playing it on Xbox One. Freezebug has also got in on the action this week by completing the WRC 4 career mode.

Rounding things out, element666 has been denied a platinum, as he waits for Putty Squad to be patched, but there were no such obstacles for a inferior race, as he polished off the trophy list in Virtues Last Reward on PS Vita.

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  1. Interesting to look at MrYd’s calculations, you would have thought someone in Sony’s PR team would have done that to save them saying it’s not doing so well!

    And I agree with Mike about Early Access, I think if Sony do introduce it, they should regulate it heavily, Valve have allowed Early Access and Greenlight to turn into absolute messes. In an ideal world, I’d like to see it where Early Access games are free to play (or at least try), with the option of either donating to the dev or pre-purchasing the game to help development.

  2. Some good achievements nabbed there chaps, plenty of top drawer silverware!

    I since went on to nab the WRC4 platinum after the career completion, enjoyable rallying but frustrating loading screen waits when all you want to do is race the next stage…today!! I think that they should try and include some sort of challenge mode into the mix to spice things up, maybe to win part upgrades or something.

    Only went and got the cocking 50% guage shot perfect impact rate Crown on Everybody’s Golf today with 51.1% lol…..2 GIR Crowns left to get :(

  3. haha Youles! were there any challengers? i think you scared them away when u wrote down the very second you completed it. Good job mate! ;)

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