Sony Reveal Destiny And The Last Of Us Themed PS4 Systems

While the announcement of a Frozen themed PS4 system last week was a bit strange, Sony seem to be carrying on with releases of themed consoles in Japan, though this time they’re very much game related.

First up, there’s that white Destiny system, though this one comes with a Destiny logo across the top of the system. It actually looks quite appealing, despite being rather simplistic.


The next console is the one that looks really cool. This one comes in black, though has a design featuring The Last of Us logo and silhouettes of Joel and Ellie’s faces.


We can only hope designs like these head to Europe and the US, but they seem to be Japan-only affairs for now. The Last of Us system will release on August 21st, priced at 47,980 yen (£277/$473), while the Destiny one launches alongside the game on September 11th for 46,980 yen (£271/$464). You might want to look into importing, though this will likely drive the fees up.



  1. I actually don’t like the look of The Last Of Us one, same with the Frozen one, that gold tint just doesn’t look right with the blue bar below it. Looks as if someones scratched your PS4. I like the Destiny one a lot.

    • Kinda the same here. The ones where they look like they’ve added a cheap gold-on-black strip feels a bit “tat” compared to the almost Mirror’s Edge look with Destiny. The Destiny one looks very, very good.

      • I’m gonna throw my hat into the ‘me too’ pool as well – I personally think TLoU one looks like pure tackiness personified. I actually think it would look better if you bought a standard PS4 & applied your own ‘My Little Pony’ stickers to it.

        The Destiny one I do quite like though.

      • Agreed, fella. I can’t help feel that the gold trimmed ones might come with a free necklace that has SHARON letters on it. You know… something that was at least £2 down the local market. Either that or pretend tattoos for MAM or DAD that you slap on your arms for a few days.

        Ooo… and a free nearly-dead horse.

      • I had a controller sticker with the Joel Edition which looked great on the DS3, dont know why they haven’t gone for a similar design with this.

  2. They all look bait imo. Why you’d want a new generation console with a last generation game etched on it, I don’t know. I’m up for different colourways, but these branded consoles can do one!

    • What the hell is bait?

      • Probably cool talk. Um… trying to bait you to buy it. I think.

        One of my friends currently says “OMW” instead of “on my way”. I delight in pointing out that acronyms have their place but his choice is actually longer to pronounce (more syllables) than the normal way. Silly bugger.

  3. Mehhh. I prefer the simple plain white bundle we are getting in Europe. But to be fair I’ve never liked any edition than the original when it comes to playstations: black all the way

  4. gimme that last of us :)

  5. Not liking the cheap-looking Frozen and Last of Us ones, Destiny fares better with it’s simplicity but still nothing to make me choose one over a regular black PS4.

  6. The white one is sexy. The only problem is the controller (same for the other colour ones too). There’s too much black from the buttons and touchpad

    • I too had that thought. That said though, I think an all white controller would look pretty weird tbh.

      Plus then you have the ‘grubby mitts’ problem & that touchpad aint gonna stay white for long in some hands.

  7. Destiny one looks Amazin’!

  8. I actually think the TLOU one is ugly, would rather have the regular one :)

  9. The Destiny console actually looks pretty good, shame about the game, or from what I’ve played of the Beta anyway.

  10. I want both.

    I’ll get neither of course (already have a PS4), but if I didn’t (and had the spare cash), I’d buy The Last of Us one.

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