WeView: Destiny Beta

Unfortunately the Destiny Beta came to a close Sunday, and we won’t be able to re-join the fight until the game’s full release in September. So for this week’s WeView instead of recommending an already released game, we want to hear about your experience with the Destiny beta, and whether or not you will be purchasing the game come 9th September.

It’s safe to say that over the past ten days we’ve thoroughly enjoyed what we’ve played of Destiny so far. You can read the staff’s early thoughts on it here, or you can even watch some archived footage of Peter and Stefan’s adventures in the beta here.

Personally I’m very excited for Destiny to hit the shelves, and I’m not far away from pre-ordering the game. Even considering it was only a beta there was so much on offer; from the co-op campaign missions to the competitive Crucible matches you could never find yourself bored.

Even during solo the exploration I remained on edge thanks to the continuous enemy respawns and random public events (my personal highlight of the beta). On the PlayStation 4 the beta also boasted some lovely visuals. I found myself frequently stopping to share screenshots.


However, the beta wasn’t without a few issues. A point raised by a few members of the staff was that “for a game designed so heavily for co-operative play, it could be quite easy to find yourself playing on your own”. Whether or not it’s with strangers of friends the game is more enjoyable playing with someone else.

Repetition also became a problem. A couple of the missions felt a little too similar, and many of the side missions activated in exploration mode we’re exactly the same as the last. Some gamers may also find themselves completing the same missions for a third time in September if they’ve partaken in both the alpha and beta stages.

Now it’s over to you. Were you as equally impressed by the beta, or did you find it underwhelming and have since canceled your pre-order? Let us know in the comments below, and give Destiny either a Will Buy It, Might Buy It, or Will Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your thought in by Sunday in time for next Monday’s verdict article.



  1. I don’t know what my feelings are towards this game, I can’t help but compare it to the likes of borderlands but less fun & enjoyable. I spent most of my time lost & fighting the same enemies everytime I was lost cause I ended up returning to the same area.

    I want to get this game but think I will bargain bin it when it’s less than the asking price cause it ain’t worth the asking price, I rather play DC online or war frame than this!

    Will heavily avoid it

    • Hang on, so is this a ‘bargain bin it’ or an ‘avoid it’? As at the moment, you are doing both! :D

      • Bargain bin it lol but avoid day 1 buy l, does that help understanding what I’m trying say lol

  2. Played it solo, due to shift work I don’t often get to meet up with mates online. As such I found it all a bit dull due to feeling repetitive, and very generic. For me the game didn’t have any real personality. Nothing stood out and nothing exciting happened. The story from what I’ve seen of it appeared particularly weak.

    That being said, the shooting seemed solid enough and I acknowledge it’s probably far more entertaining playing it with mates.
    Unfortunately though for the time being I’m going with the controversial, Avoid it.

    I genuinely can’t see what everyone is so excited about but then we can’t all like the same games. I’ll keep an eye out for reviews and may reconsider, you never know.

    • I’m a shift worker too, same issue, and although I didn’t play the beta it’s good to get your point of view. The recent gameplay clips have peaked my interest but unless the game has a structured story that I can enjoy I think I’ll be giving it a miss. Roll on the reviews!

      • From what I saw it came across as one of those typical hack & slash game story lines. You have to help save the galaxy from the big bad evil darkness. Super simple stuff that an 8 year old can follow with ease. Works well enough when you’re blasting stuff alongside several friends. Otherwise not so much. Voice acting isn’t terrible but the script is very unimaginative.

    • Yo Lieutenant, I got a high score yesterday on the survival mode on Resogun and noticed there’s only 5 places between us. (That’s if this is alo your PSN name).
      Sorry, bit off topic there. :)

      • Nice work! That survival mode is tough! Need to get back to that at some point.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty addictive though. 2 days ago my highscore was 25m for weeks on end, then I changed ship last night, got 30, then 32, then 35m.

  3. It certainly looks very nice. Especially the moon. And the view seems to go on for a ridiculous distance. So far, in fact, that I’m sure you could see the back of your head, if things actually worked like that. (Maybe with mirrors?)

    The mix of solo/co-op/competitive play works well. I can imagine spending a lot of time in the Crucible (which is unusual for me). Solo bits work well, and the co-op sections are enormous fun. Even with 2 other random players. Hopefully when it’s released, it won’t get swamped with idiots that don’t revive the other players, or stick too close to them. People seemed to soon learn that’s a bad idea in the beta. That big robot thing can wipe out the whole team if you’re not careful. But most people seemed to realise that it’s better if you spread out, revive each other if it’s safe, or just try and survive if you’re the last one alive until the others can respawn.

    We’ve not seen much character progression (only up to level 8 and limited loot and some upgrades to equipment) so far, but it looks promising. Hopefully you can get powerful enough to go and take down that big robot on your own. (Preferably it’ll still be a challenge)

    Impressed by the audio too, even if they missed a trick by not having the voice of Peter Dinklage coming out of the speaker on the controller. Top marks for the music though.

    I shall be pre-ordering it soon. Or I might wait a week or 2 after it’s released, since it seems inevitable that the servers (and probably the whole PSN) will collapse when it’s released.

    So that’s a “Will Buy It” from me. Or possibly a “Moo!” again.

  4. Ive had it pre-ordered for a while now. I enjoyed the Alpha, and noticed a few changes to the Beta. The fireteams on the Alpha were all 6 rather than 3, the addition of golden chests, also it was easier to have a full green set of weapons and armour on the Alpha.

    Im really looking forward to it, i spent most of my time solo this time around, but this game is built for co-op, it helps bring the experience alive, myself a friend and Tony C did the moon mission on normal, then again on ‘Hard’. When playing it on hard it just proved that a team of people is paramount, from being revived to having someone use cover fire, or even become a decoy to allow the others to flank harder enemies. It was easily the best experience i have had with Destiny.

    Another thing i do really like are the random public events that appear whilst roaming the destination map, its good to see a whole group of people that arent actually ‘friends’ stop what they are doing to do a completely random objective. Its a definite ‘buy it’ (‘moo’) from me!

  5. First the bad..During a few of the explore missions, i would be tasked with clearing out all the enemies or collecting a certain amount of ‘wotsits’, there would be three to six enemies nearby which i would kill, then walk away a few paces looking for the rest when the ones i had just killed would respawn again behind me in the same spot as before so i would turn around and kill them and repeat to complete the mission.
    The missions which took you on a route through buildings were slightly more interesting but ruined by the ‘waves of enemies’ trope at the end. That’s a gaming trope i can handle a half dozen times throughout the length of an entire game but not something i want to face every second mission.
    I know the beta has to be limited but the old russia area seemed much smaller than the map indicated and i was always disappointed beginning a new mission only to find i was in almost the exact same area or a few paces away.

    On the good side.. Decent visuals, great presentation and menus, spot on shooting mechanics and i could see how the rpg aspect of this game would appeal.

    I was unable to access either the moon or the crucible so i can’t speak for those.

    If it was a free to play game i would possibly give it another go, as i enjoyed it more than i did Warframe, but as a full priced game and due to the overall repetitiveness i’m going to have to go with Avoid it.

    • Oh and it makes no sense that i can’t pause the game when i’m playing the sp story missions.

  6. I’ll keep it simple,

    I liked:
    -Variety of weapons
    -Better than Alpha
    -Enemy ai clever, but not frustrating.
    -Co op does seem to be seamless, even if I didn’t want it.

    I didn’t like:
    -Story seems to have good potential, but I get the feeling that it’s secondary in this game
    -Co op can’t be switched off.
    -Lack of single player
    -I can imagine going back to the tower all the time becoming tedious.
    -Graphics shine in some places, but lack in others
    -Despite the patch, framerate still doesn’t seem that smooth, although I am particularly looking for it, didn’t cause a problem in combat.

    • Your complaints about the co-op feel a little… off… or at least it doesn’t feel like you’ve explained what’s wrong with it.

      Simply put, the game can be played in single player, with just you in the fireteam, and you can manage who and whether or not other players can join you for co-op play. While the open areas are populated by other players, as soon as you head to an objective area, indicated by the Respawn Restricted message, the servers will dynamically split you off from those players so that they can’t interfere with you taking on a mission. It’s actually a lot more dynamic than that, and there are a bunch of interconnecting areas through which you can pass and you won’t see others, because you’re between servers… sort of.

      If what you mean is that you can only play it while connected and online, and that there are other players populating the tower and the main areas of the open world locations, then yeah, you’re out of luck. I would say that if you want to play the game alone, and try to take in the story, such as it is, they can’t really interact with you other than a bit of dancing or stealing your kills.

  7. I quite enjoyed it. I wasn’t interested at all in this until somebody gave me a beta code and I checked it out “just because”. I mostly played it solo, apart from some ad-hoc team ups with randoms (which worked really well considering the jerk factor of randoms in other games), but despite my aversion to all things MMO, I found myself really getting into it.

    I am unsure about where Bungie are going with this (DLC/monetisation worries, etc) but I’m happy enough with it for now to buy in.

    Will buy it. (Although, if there’s too much DLC and in game purchasing required, I wont be buying into later games)

  8. I’ll try and make this brief.

    During the alpha I posted here that I found the game boring.

    However on the last day of the alpha the day it was supposed to finish I have it another bash and started to enjoy it.

    I then preceded to pre-order the game to try the beta and again that enjoyment continued I discovered I loved the exploration and the ease of use to join fireteams the companion app was also very good to track and also change gear. In pvp at first again it felt not right as a long time battlefield gamer I had to adapt and soon started to get better. I think if you played the beta you know yourself if you want to buy or not. As for me I’ve kept my preorder and awaiting delivery on the 9th September.

    So I suggest try before you buy.

  9. It was a beautiful game and as a shooter, quite solid. The crucible multiplayer was shallow though. Just another deathmatch clone, even if they had control points to conquer (which did nothing other than add kill bonuses, meaning that it still was a deathmatch). Being co-op I felt that it should have more class distinctions. All three classes are assault based classes, no support or defense. Compare to Borderlands to see more variety.

    Why they divided up exploration from story and strike is beyond me. A more seamless experience would have been nice. Also, the world lacked interactivity. Aside from a few random chests, you could not interact with anything else than shooting enemies.

    Not having other settlements than the tower makes it a bit “fight here-run back there”. Will get tiresome.

    Right now there are not many other co-operative games for the PS4, so I will most likely buy it, but I see areas where there is room for big improvements.

  10. Buy It.

    Enjoyed it i liked the Co-Op side of things was great fun with a few mates didnt really try PvP as i didnt want to over play the beta plus it will make a change from playing the Buggy Battlefield or the Campers infested COD.

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