Community Round-Up: 17/08/14

I’m back from my sunny travels, and looking decidedly ‘lobster’ on a dulux colour chart.  It seems I missed quite a week with Gamescom taking place, so it’ll be a bit of an adventure for me to see everything I’ve missed for this week’s Community Round-Up!

This week on the Meets front we can probably expect the jam-packed Battlefield Meet on Friday, with Monday night’s GT6 Meet and Wednesday night’s Red Dead Meet joining it.

As always, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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I guess this week has been very news-heavy, which is unsurprising. As a result, there’s only two new Reviews for you; Risen 3: Lords of Titan from Jim, which earned a poor 3/10 thanks to terrible combat and an unwelcome amount of bugs. The other review came from Aran, and even though he didn’t give Cloud Chamber a score, he would “definitely recommend” the community focused mystery game.

Turning our attention to the Previews, Sam looked at Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolutionwhile Peter blasted off with the Elite Dangerous Beta.

The last two previews came from Stefan, who looked at the huge impact exoskeletons will have on Call of Duty: Advance Warfare’s multiplayer (also speaking to Producer, Mike Meija), and the improvements made to this year’s FIFA, which will be a truly ‘new gen’ experience.

From the usual Features, Blood Bowl featured on Mobile Watch thanks to Jim, while the brilliant Portal 2 was revisited in PlayBack by Blair.

The latest game to get the WeView treatment is inFamous Second Son, as Titanfall received a mostly positive Verdict, while in the Chronicle, Stefan looked at Sierra, changes to Twitch and a digital TV tuner for the Xbox One.

Looking at the Blogs, Peter explained why timed exclusivity hurts gamers, following Tuffcub’s tongue-in-cheek take on Crystal Dynamic’s announcement of Tomb Raider’s timed exclusivity.

Meanwhile, Blair talks about both the power of surprise with Silent Hills, and the exciting new things Share Play will bring to our sofas later this year, while lastly, Jim looked at the latest trend of horror games to come out of this year’s Gamescom.

Ending as we usually do, there’s What We Played #169 from Greg while the Podcast hits the 150th milestone.


Time to take a look at the new threads in the Forum:

Phew, what a week to have missed! Fingers crossed I covered it all, so until next time, bye!