Podcast: Episode 151 – Doki Doki Universe, Table Top Racing and P. T.

We had a full compliment of podcast members this week, so this episode is pretty packed full of gaming goodness. While we did away with the news last week, it made a comeback this time around so we could take a look at what went on at this year’s Gamescom.

Speaking of Gamescom, Lewis has been playing P.T., the playable teaser Sony announced at Gamescom that was, in reality, an announcement trailer for Silent Hills, the newest entry in the Silent Hill series. Lewis has also watched The Butler, a movie that sounds simply fascinating.

As for Peter, he’s been feeding his Elite Dangerous beta, this time with quite a lot of trading and trickery. In the brief periods he managed to tear himself away from space based trading, he spent a little time with Vita title Table Top Racing, which he didn’t seem overly enamoured with. Kev has also been using his Vita, although it was to play Doki Doki Universe in his case, alongside starting his entry for js13kgames, a topic you may have heard him chatting about last year.

Finally Lewis has a quiz in a new format, complete with custom sound effects from Kev, before we wrap things up by answering your questions.

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  1. Well it was enjoyable for me :D Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Lewis was right with the proper pronunciation of “cześć” and “aktualności”.
    BTW: I said a few times “Good evening” in Polish, which is “Dobry wieczór”, but I will try to send you guys more Polish words :)

    The proper comment from me about the Tomb Raider thing: “Sooooo many fucks given” :P I did not play the latest series reboot and was never a big fan of the series. From my point of view Microsoft could buy the series, at least they would have an argument for people to buy their console. I also agree with Peter here: again a conference “promise” is turned 180 degree. Oh well, sucks to be you, Microsoft fan.

    That what makes Kris a master host :P “Freestyle host masta blasta” – we could say.

    I also watched The Butler, well my wife did and because I was playing KZ:M on PSV, I watched and heard it in “fast forward”. Lewis did you also noticed how short the history of USA actually is? I knew it’s short, but this guy saw almost all of it during his life. Anyway, a good movie. Makes me sick to think about those times, slavery and stuff, but overall a great story and a LOT of great actors in it.
    On the side note: my cousin (Germany) was about 10 years ago at a student exchange program with a school in the USA and she was with a few colleges, which are black. Can you imagine that they had their canteen split for white and coloured?! Not from the school, but the “kids” split it. They were actually still looking at the students from Germany sitting together, with disgust. And they say Poland is a racist country, but we are just not so used to seeing coloured people, that is all. Sorry if I offended anyone by the words I used. but as I said I don’t even know the things I can say and don’t, really.

    Ow, common guys. Like there wasn’t a pocket Stinger missile launcher in each part of the series :) That’s something to get used to in MGS and the cardboard box is essential to the game. Cannot imagine it without it.

    One again guys great podcast to listen, thank you very much :D

  2. Woah! I wasn’t asking about two Assassin’s Creed games because I’m pissed off about there being more. I’m quite happy that there’s more, I was trying to gauge whether the whole ‘cash cow’ sort of attitude was coming from Ubisoft.

    I guess it was a bit difficult to word properly on Twitter, as the ‘ya’ showed.

    I’m happy to fork out the cash for Unity, it’s just a bit poo that Rogue looks like it might be intriguing enough to make a purchase of, particularly when they could have just released a slightly dumbed down version of Unity for PS3/360. Oh well, the point Peter made about the focus on the current gen being beneficial for their owners does make a lot of sense.

    Enjoyed the podcast as usual guys, keep it coming! :)

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