News Snatch: Destiny, NBA 2K15 And Silent Hills

Slam dunk da funk, as 5ive would say, by watching this new trailer for NBA 2K15. 

Time for some Destiny bargains: Tesco will sell you the game for £40 and chuck in a free Gioteck EX06 Headset “Subject to availability.” Use eCoupon Code TDX-TNWT at the checkout to wipe off a fiver from the price, but hurry up as the offer ends today.


If you have yet to join the next generation then Asda will sell you the game plus a PlayStation 4 for £329, used code “Console” to knock off the last £20 when ordering.

Valve have topped a poll in which developers voted for the company they would most like to be employed by.

  1. Valve (Half-Life, Steam, Portal)
  2. My own company
  3. Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Skylanders)
  4. BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic)
  5. Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance)
  6. Current employer
  7. Nintendo (Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong)
  8. Naughty Dog (The Last of Us, Jak & Daxter, Uncharted)
  9. Double Fine (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Broken Age)
  10. Bethesda Game Studios (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls)

I have performed detailed analysis on the results and have listed the top three reasons for the developer’s choices.

  1. Valve – Because they are cool, and I am a cool developer.
  2. My own company – Because I want to look cool when answering this survey. Indie is cool.
  3. Activision Blizzard – Screw being cool, I want money and job security, let me design guns for Call of Duty.

A launch trailer for Metro Redux, stay tuned for our review ahead of this week’s launch.

Empire, the well respected movie magazine, have voted The Last of Us as the best game ever. Journey only managed to scrape in at the 100th position.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone virtual with Ghost from Destiny, aka Peter Dinklage, getting a bucket of the wet stuff from the Moon.

There is a new PS3 system software update, version 4.65 is optional and turns your PlayStation 3 into a pasta machine. Oh alright, it only “improves stability during the use of some features.”

The number of adult females who regularly game is now double the number of under-18 boys. The Entertainment Software Association issued its annual “sales, demographic, and usage data” report which revealed women aged 18 and over make up 36 percent of gamers whilst boys under the age of 18 represent just 17 percent.

More Destiny, this picture shows all the timed exclusive items for PlayStation gamers. Mmm, shiny.

The radio in Silent Hills teaser P.T. babbles Swedish, this has now been translated and seems to indicate some sort of alien involvement.

Close your eyes. Let your ears listen in to the radio. Do you hear my voice? Can you hear the screams of your own soul?

Let us choose: my voice, which tells the future, or your tormented [struggles?]. Well? What do you choose? You can choose. Your life. Your future!

Wise as you are, you may already have noticed. As the radio drama from 75 years ago was the truth. They are here, on our Earth. And they oversee and see all. Don’t trust the news. Don’t trust the police. They are already controlled by them.

So has it been for 75 years now. Only [our master?] can keep them [at bay]. You have a right. A right to become one of us. So welcome to our world. Very soon, the gates to a new dimension will open.

The 75 year old radio drama probably refers to the 1938 broadcast of Orson Welles’  The War of the Worlds.
Meet Dan Jeanotte, the man who is voicing the latest stabby chap for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Characters from Valve’s Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 will be joining Super Time Force Ultra when it lands on Steam next week.

And Finally, the cast of The Evil Within has been announced and it includes Jennifer Carpenter, a.k.a. Officer Morgan from Dexter.


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