PSN Appears To Be Down On PS4 With NW-31201-7 Error [UPDATED]

PlayStation Network hasn’t been very stable recently, with it being the target of a DDoS attack a day before it was to undergo scheduled maintenance, and then going through with that maintenance last week.

And now, the dreaded NW-31201-7 error has shown up for those signing into PS4, which means that the servers may be unavailable. This doesn’t appear to be the case on PS3, however, as users are able to sign in there.


Let’s hope this isn’t another attack and Sony are able to restore service to the network soon. We’ll keep you updated, and you can keep an eye on the PSN Status Page (which currently says that it’s online, despite it clearly being offline).

UPDATE: Although sign-in on PS3 and PS Vita appear to be fine, it now says that PSN is currently undergoing maintenance on PS4.

UPDATE 2: Sony are aware of the issues and are attempting to resolve them.

UPDATE 3: Everything appears to be working and in order. Carry on.



  1. Can’t sign into the Store using the app either.

    • That just launches a browser, doesn’t it?

      Looks like the web store is down, but everything else seems to be doing just fine. Which is probably the fault of Minecraft. Somehow, they’ve discovered that there are another billion people who have never bought Minecraft, and they’re all downloading it on the PS4 now.


      That would bring the total number of copies of Minecraft sold to about 18 billion. Since it’d sold 17 billion copies before today.

      It’s true!

      Er, just give me 10 minutes and then check wikipedia?

      • I think they realised it was free with ps plus! I have full game totally free , pmsl! So do a billion others according to wiki. ;) *face too palm #sony :(

  2. It seems the info that it is down is due to Minecraft, it has somehow broke the PSN…either that or EVERYONE has bought it and downloading it killing Sony’s servers!

  3. Yeah, i just bought Minecraft on the PS4 store and got an error when i confirmed the purchase and no download link. It took my money though and sent a payment confirmation email.

    AskPlaystation have tweeted that they are looking into the issues and to try again later.

  4. As it does look like it is Minecraft seemingly bringing it down. It looks like Sony will have to hurry up and invest in some new servers as this will happen at every big release and we don’t want that. Bad publicity for Ps will only get more people into Xbox, which they don’t want. Not that I’m bothered I’ve got all systems.

  5. I’m not sure about how Minecraft could bring it down, its under 500mb on 360, can’t imagine its much bigger on ps4?

    • It’s the extra +180P that’s included with every copy of Minecraft on PS4 that’s done it!

      (Just kidding, but had to be done)

  6. Why do I keep hearing about this minecraft… Is it really that good?

    • In all honesty, before I saw it on YouTube today, I thought it was like a 2D puzzler game where you have to avoid mines for some reason.
      I never realised it was some building block world type thing. Isn’t it for kids?

      • Just watched some gameplay clips on youtube and maybe I’m missing something but it looks like something you’d get free on windows 95. This is what brought the PSN down? :O

      • It definitely looks like it is for kids. My youngest grandson can’t get enough of it. Having said that, some of the people I work with are mad about it too.

        And looking at some of the things that have been created in Minecraft, it does appear very popular with a large number of very intelligent people (with too much free time!).

        For sure, it’s not my cup of tea though.

      • Are you guys joking or you seriously don’t/didn’t know what Minecraft is? It’s one of the biggest games of the last few years. That pretty much like saying you don’t know what Assassin’s Creed is.

      • Nope, didn’t know. I’m not into Indie type games and the title never appealed to me.
        I was aware it was very popular though.
        Like MuggleMind said, now I’ve seen it, it looks good for kids but it’s not my cup of tea.

        I guess this is why assuming is dangerous and the names of a title can be important.

        Like I said above I thought it was some kind of phone 2D puzzler, I guess I got the impression from the title and stuck with it in my head.

        ‘Mine’ – Avoiding Mines
        ‘Craft’ – Some witchcraft kind of theme. (Possibly making blocks disappear revealing Mines to avoid???)

        God knows, I guess that’s how my mind works???

  7. Just hope it isn’t going to be the same when Destiny comes out. Yes, I know Destiny isn’t as big as Minecraft (to some, anyway), but it may still have the same effect.

    Can’t they just provide a server way out separate from all the rest of the internet for these strange block game players, leaving the rest of us with minimal network latancy and a potentially more robust internet? :)

    • There already is a reliable server with minimal latency, its called xbox live!

      • Ah. Must be due to minimal traffic there. Maybe they could send all those minecrafter there too?

      • In all honesty i have both and there no different online the supposed dedicated servers i think there just making up,Cod plays exactly the same on both as does Fifa Plants vs Zombies Battlefield and Trials and countless others and there is quite often something not working right in the Xbox Live status,just saying it’s far from perfect as people make it out to be.


  9. Well, not sure it’s really back 100%, but it has just let me back online.

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