Community Chronicle: 14/09/14

I kind of forget that I needed to write the Chronicle yesterday, because I was knee deep in Destiny for much of the evening. Naturally, that means that I needed to gather some of the opinions on major news stories and all of the trophies and things you’ve been collecting this morning. The only problem is that I’ve some more Destiny lined up in a short while, so if this tails off half way through, you know what’s happened…


There weren’t too many major news stories this week, but a few do stand out. Naturally, Grand Theft Auto V getting a release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC grabbed a fair few peoples’ attention.

“Sold!” exclaimed double-o-dave. “I just enjoyed driving around in Free Roam with my 2 buddies all in black Porches with tainted windows like we were straight out of Condorman!” He then went on to get excited about the prospect of “A 30 man TSA GTAV PS4 meet”, which could see “29 of us could all hunt down 1 individual member. See how long they can survive.”

However, a few others seem to be put off by the lack of a clear upgrade path. Online progress will carry across, but CR8ZYHORSE said, “I might get it again but there’s no way i’d pay over £50 for it.” 

It’s the eternal quandry of buying a HD remake/re-release.

From one gigantic franchise to another, as rumours circle of Microsoft buying Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, for $2 billion. It’s a ludicrous sum of money, especially if the further rumours of Notch’s hasty exit from the company are also true.

MrYd was somewhat sceptical:

This rumour is coming from the same people that were reporting rumours of Google (or YouTube) buying Twitch for stupid amounts of money a couple of months ago? Just before the rather disastrous news that Amazon were buying it instead?

However, Jones81 was more concerned about what will happen with the game on other platforms, after a potential buyout. “This is absolutely disgusting if true,” he wrote. “I have just bought the ps4 version and if this means no further updates/patches (and possibly no online support), then I’ll be demanding my money back and will write to the relevent consumer watchdog if neccessary. Obviously it could just be a rumour so we’ll have to see what happens.”

Indeed we will, but this will certainly be an interesting story to see unfold in the coming weeks. What’s less interesting is Sony’s continued lead with the PlayStation 4 at the top of the monthly NPD sales figures for America. That’s eight months on the trot for their black box of gaming.

Eldave0 questioned how this could be the case, even accounting for the obvious performance gap between the two machines:

No disrespect to Sony and their PS4 but… how? I appreciate Microsoft’s poor PR has played a factor in this a bit, but I can’t get my head around why PS4s are flying off the shelves when there isn’t a single “must have” exclusive for it. I love my PS4 but I definitely play my X1 a lot more as it actually has some games to play on it.

It’s certainly an interesting subject, and I personally feel that the Xbox One could be a very tempting purchase in the next year or so, but Bunimomike thinks it’s partly down to buyers outside of the core gamer audience:

I think it’s a mixture of good quality games, the fact that they will look/perform better on the PS4′s hardware and the terrible job Microsoft did last year at E3. What’s interesting is that people without their fingers on the pulse (read: many of my more casual gaming friends who are slow to adopt) remember these things far longer than the likes of us who’ve had our ears close to the ground and can see Microsoft doing a genuinely good job of looking after their Xbox One owners.

That’s something that double-o-dave chipped in once more to back up, saying, “I also have quite a few mates who haven’t had a games console for a good decade and decided to get back into gaming. A PS4 seems a natural step up from their last older consoles which were predominantly PS1s and PS2s.”

Have you seen a similar trend amongst your friends and family? 


As you might expect, Destiny is the order of the day for many people, but there’s also a number who aren’t too fussed by it at all, occupying their time with other games. JustTaylorNow, for example, has just finished his first play through of The Last of Us, a game which defied his expectations.

Just like R1MJAW has been finding Diablo 3 always drawing him back into the game, Moonpie has also come to the end of his first play through of the story with a female Crusader. The first of many, it seems!

However, while everyone else has been hopping in with opinions on Destiny, perhaps a reason for an unusually low number of achievements this week, Crazy_Del has been busily gathering trophies and platinums for his collection. He finished off the week with Beyond: Two Souls, following on from Smart As, Modnation Racers Road Trip and Mortal Kombat all on PS Vita. I tell you, this guy’s nuts.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest 2014 leaderboards.

Following from recent efforts, if people want to keep sending photos in, I’ll be happy to post them, but gaming places isn’t a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. GTA & DriveClub – Apart from BF4, these are the first 2 games I’ve genuinely been excited about playing on the PS4 system but it looks like finally & shortly they’ll be quite a few others. I’m looking forward to FIFA too but I think excited would be a bit of an overstatement.

    Finally the reason for my PS4 is beginning to prevail. Let the games begin!

  2. Hehe, 11 places gained on the leaderboard. My trophy card finally updated properly, it seems!

  3. Oi Tef, I am not nuts just Crazy =P
    c’mon half monkey, half machine we got more plats to obtain before the new game comes out.
    Cheers for the mention and see you next week =D

    • Platinum on Mortal Kombat?! Impressive!!

      • Why thank you I have 2 Plats PS3 and Vita
        Cannot wait for the new MK in April…. I think lol

  4. Thanks for the mention Stefan,really chuffed about that.

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