Upgrade The PS+ Version Of Driveclub And Save £15

The helpful chaps at PlayStation Access have posted a video which explains what is included in the PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub.

They also mention that if you upgrade your free PS+ edition of the game to the full digital version, it will cost you just £34.99, rather cheaper than the original advertised price of £42.99.

That’s £15 less than the non-plus digital version of Driveclub on the Sony store, £15 cheaper than GAME, the same for ShopTo and Amazon with Zavvi bucking the trend and letting you keep £14 more in your pocket. The PlayStation Plus Driveclub upgrade also comes with three extra cars as a pre-order bonus, more details can be found here.

Source: YouTube 



  1. Not a bad saving.

  2. Those prices are going to come down quickly, aren’t they?

    Anyone buying the game is going to have PS+ anyway, surely? So why would you pay £14 more? Unless you wanted to try it first because you weren’t sure about it and want the option to trade it in later? In which case, why not try the big demo next week?

    • I believe it actively stops you from buying the more expensive version, if you try to pre-order it digitally and have PS+.

      • Presumably it doesn’t stop you running off to another shop or website and paying more. Or pop a big warning saying “Wait! It’ll be cheaper somewhere else next week! Why not try the big demo until then?”

        Although it seems a preorder (for £49!) from Amazon gets you 2 cars and a pile of money. (Not real money, obviously. In-game money)

        So £14 for a couple of cars (2 of the 3 you get for pre-ordering from Sony) and some cheating?

        I remember when things were simple. You bought the game, that was it, no advantage to pre-ordering, and everywhere sold the same, finished game. Although I did end up with about 7 cheap PS1 controllers from HMV that they insisted on giving away all the time. I felt that was slightly unnecessary of them. (Not quite as unnecessary as the monitor I once bought that came with 14 power cables though)

      • Well no, but then you do still have the advantage of being able to resell the disc and claw back some of the money you just spent.

  3. People re-selling the game would easily get £15 back even after 6 months, so I can’t see an upgrade, let alone a digital one, being an exciting prospect.

    Unless the price is cheap or I want to keep a game, I don’t really buy digital copies of games because selling them on helps to compensate from the original purchase price.

  4. Fortunately enough for me I’ll have access to a ‘try before you buy’, so should be able to evaluate whether or not to take the plunge and go all next gen. I’ve seen a Driveclub mega bundle including retail game, 2 controllers, speed camera* and PS4 console for £419.99 that I’ve been eyeing up that maybe be fitting for such an occasion!

    *’I was only doing 30fps honestly gov’ :P

    • It does actually include the Playstation camera, eye, specs or whatsitsname thingy.

  5. So i have to pre-order the upgrade to get the DLC?? i want to try it first.

  6. You can pick up a £35 PSN card for under £30 at the moment thru cdkeys of you’re on facebook.

  7. Ordered. Been a long wait but worth it. Good things come to those that wait

  8. Not that great a deal to be honest considering PSN games are 50% overpriced to begin with. Game looks great though.

  9. Not bad but given the space on my HDD and attachment to physical copies of games, I will give it a miss.

  10. That’s rubbish. It only comes with about 50 cars due to Xbox buying all the rights to all the other cars

    • I don’t know if thats the reason as Forza will have the majority of these cars aswell if not all,also Forza and Gran Turismo have always shared a huge range of cars,55 is fair enough and there probably will be more with dlc when i play a racer with 250+ cars i bet i don’t even touch a quarter of them.

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