Community Chronicle: 05/10/14

Part of the curse of being an F1 fan is having to wake up early on the weekend to watch live races on the other side of the globe, and so it was that I found Suzuka to be a bit of washout at 7AM this morning. Thankfully there was a break in the rainfall from the nearby typhoon and we were treated to quite a fun race, but rather than celebrating a victor everyone’s thoughts will be with Jules Bianchi, who I’m sure we all hope recovers well from what sounds like a particularly nasty crash.


Turning our eye to the main points of discussion in the gaming world this week, and it’s quite familiar topics, if not always the expected headline. We’ll start off with good news for Microsoft’s camp, as the Xbox One reportedly outsold the PlayStation 4 last week, with both consoles seeing a big spike in sales.

“Top news for Microsoft,” wrote bunimomike. “Hopefully they can sustain the decent sales and push Sony like hell.” RobotHamster mused, “£329 with physical copy of FIFA has certainly helped shift some stock then.”

However, the veracity of the report in MCV was called into question, with bennibop saying, “This is not actually news and is just an unconfirmed rumour!” Also the anonymours retail source, double-o-dave joked, “Maybe they thought they’d change it to an anonymous retailer when they heard the figures came from Woolworths or Comet.”

Hopefully there’s nothing too spurious in these claims though, and Microsoft can build up some sustained momentum with their console sales.

On the Sony side of things though, it’s business as usual as the PlayStation Network went offline for a few hours on Thursday. As you can imagine, people were unimpressed.

“Oh, it’s that time of the week already,” said OneShotWook, as Jones81 stated that it’s “Fair enough if it’s hackers as that’s not Sony’s fault, if however it’s technical issues/unscheduled maintenance it’s simply not good enough.”

Then MrYd just had to go and try to apply reason to the situation. (“Someone should ban that MrYD. This is no time for reason,” cried out DirtyHabit)

There’s been maybe half a dozen hours in the past year when I can’t play something online. That really is exceptionally good.

Of course, some people might think that because they’re paying £40 a year, it should be working 100% of the time. Which is never going to happen. Maybe if could go from 99.9% of the time to 99.99% of the time? How much would you pay to only have it not working for 53 minutes a year?

A inferior race replied, “The problem for me though is that XBL doesn’t seem to have the same amount of downtime.” With far fewer instances of scheduled maintenance and much less press when Xbox Live does go down, is it perhaps a matter of perceptions?

With Driveclub out next week, there were several news posts about it that got a lot of comments. The most contentious of these confirmed the short list of supported racing wheels, highlighting just a trio of Thrustmaster wheels, with no support for other manufacturers.

Avenger said, “Crazy stuff not including the G25/G27, not to mention the array of cheaper budget wheels that the more casual racers may want to use.” Similarly, wearejimbo said he “only got [my Driving force GT] for GT6, so not buying a new wheel for this.”

For those with Logitech wheels, there’s a disheartening amount of finger pointing and blame shifting from both Logitech and Sony. CarBoyCam stated, “The lack of Logitech support is down to Logitech not paying license fees for their drivers. Do you think Sony would willingly stop support for the most popular wheel manufacturer?” before countering hol‘s assertion that Sony “chipped” the PS4’s USB ports by saying “There is no ‘chipping’ of USB ports going on. That was a Logitech cover-up to stop us from being mad that they’re focusing on smartphones and keyboards…”

Of course, you can always trust bunimomike to focus on the really important stuff:

Sorry, only just noticed. Thrustmaster. Ha! Top sex toy name.

Never change, Mike.


The forums are still down, but What We Played is back, and so I can recap some of your trophies and achievements from the last week.

Destiny is still the bread and butter of many peoples’ gaming, with Eldave0 nearly finished with the story before he starts the long and arduous grind to level 26 and the Vault of Glass. Speaking of which, BrianC seems to be having fun with the Raid mission, but he, alongside element666 and CR8ZYH0RSE, all complained of a lack of Ascendant Shards to upgrade their gear. I feel your pain.

TSBonyman’s finished the story, but sadly found himself getting disconnected at the crucial moments in Strike missions, making him question whether he’ll buy online only games in future. Similarly disappointed was tactical20, but this time with Sniper Elite 3, which he found to be too monotonous.

R1MJAW’s Diablo 3 addiction continues apace, hitting paragon level 175, while JustTaylorNow has bagged himself the platinum for The Last of Us (presumably on PS4).

Youles has also been playing TLOU and nearing the end of the last online trophy he needs, but he’s also been a busy bee elsewhere. He also went online to finish the six missions in Far Cry 3’s co-op mode, as well as enjoying his run through Watch Dogs’ “Bad Blood” DLC, both in terms of the story and when playing it co-operatively. Now he’s just looking for people to play PvZ Garden Warfare with.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest leaderboards.

If people want to keep sending photos in, I will be happy to post them, but gaming places isn’t a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with him on Twitter at @teflon, or just send an email to him using [email protected]

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  1. don’t forget me n Dave will be ruining you drive club experience very soon..
    skid marks on stand by…….

    • Not long now til CrashClub!

      • Dodgy Dave’s breakers yard number one for parts or cut ‘n’ shuts, you name it we’ve got it in DLC :P

  2. I’ve got an idea. I’ll promise not to go around being all reasonable again, if someone promises not to quote me without correcting my typos. There’s an “if” where I meant “it” there, which is just annoying me.

    Although not as much as that MrYD is annoying me now. That kind of suggests it’s pronounced “Mister Y D”. Which it isn’t. It’s “Mister Yd”. (As if the Y was actually an I)

    Don’t ask. It’s a long story.

  3. How do i get myself on the trophy leaderboard put my psn id down on what i thought was the forum but to no avail.Any idea?

    • Forum hasn’t been working properly (or at all) for a couple of weeks now.

      Unfortunately, unless someone sees your post here & then does some quality investigative work, it’s likely you may need to wait until the forums are working again.

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