Driveclub Online Issues Due To Game Bugs, Not PSN Servers

Although we were all quick to blame Sony’s PSN servers, which can be quite abysmal at times, the real reason for Driveclub’s issues seems to lie at the feet of Evolution Studios, with the game’s director confirming that the issues are down to their server code having bugs.

There should hopefully be a fix soon, with a new post on the Driveclub Facebook page stating that a new update is imminent:

Over the next 24 hours we are rolling out a new game update alongside server upgrades that will help to improve server performance, clubs and multiplayer functionality.

If you have been playing online, be aware that they are running diagnostic tests so your playtime may be intermittently interrupted. Let’s hope, for the sake of everyone, that Evolution get their heads around the issues soon, and we see that PS+ edition finally release.



  1. If only the game had been delayed for a period of time to sort out issues & bugs…

    Shows how good simulated server loading is rather than public beta with advertised server stress tests

    • It never occurred to me that servers could be tested during public betas, very clever! I can see why they are becoming so popular now. I feel awful for the guys at Evolution, for whatever reason it’s gone terribly wrong, I hope they can fix it and start enjoying the fruits of their labours after all the hype and excitement and the inevitable hauling over hot coals by the unforgiving Internet. They must be so stressed out.

    • The world’s press got on just fine up to 2 weeks ahead of release, wouldn’t that count as a stress test?

  2. I haven’t been able to get an online game with it yet, or even add anything to my club (because the connection dropped before I could finish an event). It’s a shame because I’m really enjoying the single player side of it and this is just adding more negative press to something that was already heavily delayed..

    • I’m pretty sure your in my club Sev. Try it again after the update has installed, seems a lot more stable. Managed to do two online races without much hassle last night. I do think they should add a ghost option for online races, would stop people from getting into bumper car antics and let them concentrate on beating those lap times.

      • Ah, cool. Sound like good news. I’ll give it a try later..

  3. I’m not defending the online issues we’re experiencing, but I’m enjoying the single player tour mode so much that when it does all get up and running like it should do, it’ll seem like a bonus.
    As soon as I complete the single player campaign I’ll have a reason to go back and race the same tracks again with asynchronous events appearing and then make some challenges of my own & all the online races/challenges etc.

  4. I’ve not managed a single online race yet. It’s still hit and miss if I connect enough to earn points for the club!
    I do like the game and I just hope they get this sorted soon so we can start playing the game the way it was intended to be.

  5. Hopefully the iPhone companion App will be released as soon as they fix the bugs. We were already discussing lap times at work, if the app was working I’m guessing we’d be able to compare.
    I honestly think this has the potential to be great once it actually works properly.

  6. Bored of this game now. Turned it on last night, did half a race, turned it off. Biggest disappointment on PS4 so far regardless of the online issues.

  7. Am I right in thinking that once this is working properly it would be good for some TSA competitions?
    If everyone who enters is on the competition creators friend list we wouldn’t have to post pictures of times using twitter etc, they should just show up in game or on an companion app. I’ve never entered any TSA game comps as I don’t use Twitter or Facebook etc. Saying that, I’d probably come last anyway.

    • Perhaps here in the comment section isn’t the best place to talk about it but I normally hang out on the PS UK forum. A few years back we challenged TSA to a MotorStorm race league. Think you guys won – time for a rematch?

    • Hopefully we can have a forum up and running soon and get the meet/community aspect bristling with activity. Especially as we’re coming into the holiday season where it’s going to be sooo busy for the world of gaming. :-)

  8. I saw that the online was working last night but apart from checking the leaderboards and modding my club details i just played offline.
    Like with Dave above, i’m glad for the opportunity to learn the tracks for now and i won’t mind restarting the tour when the clubs/challenges etc are up and running properly.

  9. The online is up and running and there are face off challenges aswell. Played a few with Wardy late last night and I am now playing online solo. I think it is sorted enjoying it so far loved making a clean overpass when being shunted to last place a few time to reach top 3 finish

  10. just tried turning it on now and seems to be stuck in a cycle of downloading an update and failing. now its not even trying to go online until the update has been done.

    • Same here. Been trying for the last 4 hours. :(

      • I had this issue last night, the download just wouldn’t kick in. I deleted the update from my DL list and fully shut down the PS4. The DL kicked in upon restarting. Managed to get my club to level 3 and unlocked a few paint jobs. Oh and the face off challenges seem to be working, for me at least.

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