Driveclub Update: “Improving Server Performance Is Taking Time”

Evolution Studios have posted another update regarding the Driveclub server performance and although things are getting better, there are still problems.

As more servers come online and regular server updates are rolling out we are steadily improving connectivity for everybody.

Improving server performance is taking time, which is frustrating for all of us, but please understand that we are doing everything we can to get all aspects of online play up and running smoothly as quickly as possible.

We’ve also made changes today in Multiplayer to ensure that there are more events available to you, and that you have more variety when you choose to race with and against other drivers online.

We will keep you up to date as we improve server performance for all aspects of online play. Thank you again for your support while this work continues.

It looks like the PlayStation Plus version of the game is a rather long way off, “PS Plus Edition news will come as soon as we have concrete info – sorry to keep you all waiting,” say Evolution.

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  1. I really want to give Evolution the benefit of the doubt but I’ve only managed to get online twice (purely to record single play fame to a club) since it’s launched in the UK. I really want to keep hold of it and wait until it’s all fixed but there’s the other part of me that just wants to get it refunded and be done with it.

    Anyone else in the same boat?

  2. This is beyond a joke.

    • Aye total farce now. Completely lost intrest in this.

    • Worked 100% for me last night.

      • Must be one of the lucky ones eh.

      • I don’t think so, it think it’s storm in teacup media reports vastly overinflating the severity of the problems still.

        Sure it was broken for about a week from launch day, but since then a non issue with intermittent issues for some.

  3. Blooming arse. I’ve just begun downloading the ps plus upgrade too.
    Wish i’d waited 10 mins so i could have read this first.

    • Dont worry about that. Its nowhere near as bad as it was. takes a couple of minutes to connect and once it does it tends to stay connected now for me at least. Just wish the plus version was available as it get a bit boring with no one in my club at the mo.

      • Just had a quick run through the first 2 career races and am quite impressed with the game play so far.

      • I wouldn’t worry too much. Ignoring the online issues, it’s well worth the £35 upgrade price just for the single player. Like I’ve said many time before, I find a lot of the low review scores this games got unjustified.

      • The bad scores are completely unjustified. Seems like reviewers have a vendetta against Sony/Evolution for reasons known only to themselves. Oh wait, its because its not Forza!

  4. What a disaster. Wish they had just made another Motorstorm game for next gen, no issues with those.

    • A new Motorstorm game would probably have gone down the same social network route so it would, more than likely, suffered the same problems.

      • Maybe, but at least it had an offline mode as well.

      • Ermm are you serious?

  5. It’s particularly annoying as the game is very reminiscent of PGR which I was a big fan of (2&3 anyway before they made 4) and I have been dying for a great racer. I am heavily considering going over to the dark side though and getting an Xbox

    • Same here. This driving game isn’t half the game game Forza is. Even when you get online it feels limited and unfinished. Not to mention the other drivers that use this game as a bumper car simulation.

    • Well you’re called Evildurka so going to the dark side is to be expected!

  6. Damned if they do damned if they don’t. Although it’s been a disaster of a release that should have had several more months before unveil, at least they are being transparent with update progress and not treating people like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed shit.

    It has delayed my purchase of a PS4 somewhat and i’m now considering buying a Wolfenstein PS4 bundle instead of the original DriveClub package that originally interested me. I think that DriveClub might need a few more months of Barricade building before a solid release is worth considering….I can wait!

    • Might be worth looking at standalone consoles? £299.99 +5.95 delivery @ simply games.
      £279.99 + delivery for a refurbished model. Then get any games you want.

      • Thanks dude, indeed a great price to be had there but I’ve seen the Wolfenstein + console bundle up for £329 + free delivery which is hitting in the same ball park.

  7. This is a real shame for Evolution, they got caught up with the Tsunami when Motorstorm 3 came out and now the servers on this game are just rubbish, really worried about the studio as they will be losing alot of cash over this.

    But at the same time why did they not test these servers before launch, a beta 3 months ago could have ironed out all the problems, if this game takes months to fix then its dead in the water

  8. I just simply do not understand how they have underestimated server capacity and have had massive multiplayer coding bugs?

    It doesn’t take much to plan server capacity depending on the amount of users you predict and then add room for overhead but we haven’t even got the PS+ release version yet, the servers will melt when they do…

    How on earth did they ever think they could have released this a year ago as a PS4 launch title if, after a year, it is still in a horrendous mess?

    Only in our games industry can you get away with taking money from customers for a product that simply doesn’t work as advertised and then expect consumers to wait till they fix it…

    Sorry Mr Homerjnick, your new BMW car has issues with its steering, windows and tyres and we aim to fix it for you over the next few months, in the mean time drive safe but please make sure your payments are up to date.


    • I have no idea. Also, wierd how it affects some games and not others, regardless of whether they have p2p or dedicated servers, or whatever online service.

    • Just as a mention, I don’t think it has anything to do with server capacity. They’ve said that it wasn’t a problem but it’s all about the server code. To be honest, I’d love to know (down the line) as to what really happened with the code. Hopefully, they’ll let us know one day as I’m dying to get my head around what could go so catastrophically wrong and take this long to fix (with roll-outs happening almost daily). Feel sorry for them as well as the paying customer.

      • Server capacity and server code performance are the same thing, no? Surely without the coding necessary to coordinate masses of multiplayer framework efficiently (on a large scale), Driveclub server capacity is there by limited.

  9. Now all they need to do is turn on the challenges. I’m getting the face-off things popping up in races now, which is good. But there’s a big “challenges” option that doesn’t do much yet.

    And then maybe they can fix some of the bugs. Like cars suddenly not accelerating, which seems to happen regularly. Suddenly lose points because someone else rams into you, or you take a shortcut, and then your car takes ages to get up to a decent speed again.

    Also, I need better cars. Level 23 doesn’t give you good enough cars. Got a club up to level 7, and that doesn’t help that much. Maybe I need more people in my club. Any volunteers?

    • And if they could get actual multiplayer events working, that’d be good too. They’re still not working at all.

      Actually, that’s quiet a big issue to fix, isn’t it?

      • My club is at Level 15 and I’m level 30. Had some great races lastnight. It’s getting good now. Let me know and I’ll kick someone for you to join if you want. Coffin Dodgers.

      • My club is level 29 thanks to the group,online has been working on an off for us and i’ve had several races,sometimes it fails in lobby but it’s never kicked me out mid race,i’d say 90% of the time though the online is up with races available,challenges even made an appearance for me in the early hours of friday or saturday morning with a list of my old races from which to send challenges from but unfortunately kept failing.

      • That sounds good. It’s certainly an improvement on fiddling a club myself by logging in as someone else and adding him.

        If you’ve got/make room in your club, invite me. MrYd, rather unsurprisingly.

      • Also i’ve never had any issues with acceleration only when i’ve accidentally or been forced to cut a corner and been punished but thats to be expected,i have had the odd point where someone has rammed into me and i get deducted points but it’s only 200 points and for the most part the game seems to get it right.

      • Oh, that’ll be good if you can set challenges from previous times/races when it’s all up & running properly.
        I’m only 5 levels away from 50 now although you wouldn’t think it if you saw my driving.

      • I sent an invite request if there is still room :) ionshower

  10. Even though it’s not something i’m really interested in i’ve been checking the online to see how it’s working and i’ve been able to get on most evenings although it can take a few goes. It has certainly improved since launch but they really need to get it tied down at this stage.

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