Community Chronicle: 02/11/14

It’s a big day for the F1 championship over in Austin, as Nico Rosberg smashed his way to pole position during qualifying, with Lewis Hamilton a comparatively distant second. Could the momentum be swinging back in Nico’s favour? Will he scamper off for a decidedly Vettel-esque victory? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see later tonight…


This week is really all one story that unfolded over the course of several days. With the PlayStation 4’s firmware update on the horizon, Sony VP of Prodcut Planning, Murray Hume, explained that the negative reaction to PS3 updates was why updates are far more spread out on PS4. I can’t help but feel that if that’s the genuine reason, Sony have completely missed the point.

As Avenger opined:

It’s hardly the same thing. The raft of updates on PS3 were 0.01 modifications just containing a stability/security update. If that kind of thing stops on any console then it’s a good thing, but I’d hardly call it an improvement to spread out feature-laden updates, especially when Microsoft are showing they can do it every month. Sounds like a crappy spin to me.”

DJ Judas pretty much summed up my stance too, saying, “When the console needs more features (the last 12 months) there should have been a regular drip-feed of updates that add tangible improvements to the console, with a gradual reduction in frequency over time as the console becomes more feature-rich.”

Of course, with a lot of new features in 2.0, people were still rather eager to get their hands on it.

2.0 launched, with a ton of new a hidden tricks, like finally being able to pause and resume downloads and a new, more granular “rest mode” instead of what standby was able to do previously.

Of course, DirtyHabit had to go and jinx it, by writing, “Wait for it. FW 2.0 bricked my console in 5, 4, 3….”

At which point, everybody discovered that rest mode was not letting consoles actually go to sleep. Yung Jones‘ experiences echoed mine down to a tee:

I put my PS4 in standby tried to turn it back on with the PS button on the controller, no response from the playstation. Got up to manually press the power button on the PS4 still no response, tried ejecting the disc, made a sound but still no luck. In the end had to unplug the power plug and be greeted with ‘you can corrupt your playstation if you unplug it whilst still on standby mode”.

Thankfully, there does appear to be a general workaround, as TSBonyman suggested:

I read some suggestions that if you power down the PS4 fully immediately after the install (not standby) and then start it up again you should avoid the not turning on issue.

I’ve taken to always shutting my PS4 off completely and avoiding rest mode until it is fixed. It does the trick for me.

Unfortuantely, a lot of people also reported that games wouldn’t load and that their PS4s wouldn’t get to the main menu, even. While not necessarily an epidemic, it’s a nasty twist for those that are affected worse than most. Oh, and PSN went down for a bit too.

Yet more woes came when it was announced that the Evolve alpha test for this weekend had to be postponed on PlayStation, because of issues with firmware 2.0.

Naturally, there was a fair bit of annoyance at this, and Carrot381 was “bloody well looking forward to having a go on that this evening too,” and Andrew saying, “That was supposed to be my Friday night! Hope it’s on tomorrow.”

Of course, it works out better for some than others, as Nate wrote, “I was actually quite relieved this was delayed. I’m working all weekend and wouldn’t have been able to play it!”

Either way, here’s hoping Sony have a fix for all of our collected firmware 2.0 troubles sooner rather than later.


With the forums back up and running, there’s been some fun and games with getting fresh fastest platinum records. DividSmythe reported that he’d earnt The Walking Dead Season One platinum on PS4, posting his time in the forums, on to have it beaten by 7 hours by Pixel_nme, who clearly went without sleep just to play through the game again!

Pixel also polished off the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition platinum in a record time, and posted a fresh claim for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Tactical20, meanwhile, joins the boards once more with Peggle 2.

Meanwhile, Eldave0 has been playing and completing Resident Evil 4 a bunch, with just a Professional run through to get 100% of trophies, and pdannysan13 has finished Batman: Arkham Asylum for the first time, won over by the game completely, and now on the hunt for completing the challenges and the Hard difficulty trophy so he can grab that platinum.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a weekly round up if Crazy_Del hadn’t grabbed a platinum or two – or seven – and this week saw him hitting level 47 on PSN, with Deadpool and Alice: Madness Returns platinums in the bag.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest trophy leaderboards.

If people want to keep sending photos in, I will be happy to post them, but gaming places isn’t a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with him on Twitter at @teflon, or just send an email to him using [email protected]

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  1. simply gutted about the Evolve aplha.
    i am face with a slobbering dino monster that i cant do anything with oh well!



    • Less than that if there’s a midnight launch you can swing. No more sleeps.

      • My local tesco express start selling it at midnight.

        They’ve done nowt like that before, crikey.

      • i turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

    • I turn into a carrot…..

      • lol! you can be my Cinderella any time Carrot =)

  2. really need to stop posting with hangovers..

  3. 7…. I wish xD
    Cheers for the mention, currently got another 2 games close to Platinum ;)

  4. Thanks for the mention. You guys have crazy amounts of trophies ! :)

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