Watch Us Play Evolve Alpha (Update: Actually Driveclub)

Okay, so we’re going to try and play the Evolve Alpha. Our connection isn’t any more special than anyone else being affected by the issues with the alpha on PS4, and it still may crash as we’re trying to find a game, but we’re going to try to play it anyway. We’re hoping that we can play together, but depending on how well it works you might just have me and some random players.

Anyway, if that doesn’t work, we’re just going to play other games instead. Games like Alien: Isolation and Driveclub, so you won’t be too disappointed and still get to have some fun watching me be really bad at video games. Sound good? Alright, well meet us back here at 5PM, and leave and special requests for back-up games in the comments.

You can watch using the embedded Twitch stream below, or simply by clicking over to our Twitch channel, where you can also comment for us to see.


UPDATE: As expected, Evolve didn’t play nice and despite trying for quite a while, we couldn’t get into a single game. So here’s forty or so minutes of Driveclub for you to watch instead. I’m quite terrible at it.



  1. Well i’ve still not managed a game since yesterday around 1pm so a hearty and sincere ‘good luck’ from me.

  2. Ok, I’ve seen enough. Same miserable screen it gave me last night.

  3. I got a few games on xbone on Sunday night. I tried about 4 times managed to finish twice. So I don’t just think it’s a Ps4 thing.

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