PayDay 2 Sings A Very Sweary Christmas Carol

Christmas not only a time for mince pies, turkey and family gatherings, it is also a period that strikes fear in to the hearts of video game news writers as all the big games are out, the PR teams are at endless Christmas parties and the news dries up.

Desperate for any scraps of video game goodness they will pounce on pretty much any story, even if it was already reported months ago (Star Wars may be in Kingdom Hearts III, 30 day exclusivity for the PS4 beta of Dead Island 2. You know who you are, tut tut.)


So with that big disclaimer out of the way, I bring you an extremely sweary version of The Twelve Days of Christmas courtesy of the cast of PayDay 2.I will emphasis this one last time, the video is VERY SWEARY. Do not play it to your grandma, well, not unless she curses like a motherf***er.

Source: YouTube



  1. I think you need to fix the opening sentence –
    “Christmas is not only a time for mince pies, turkey, lots of hot stuffing and family gatherings…”

  2. I wish they’d given us subtitles with the lyrics, as it can be quite hard to understand what they sing. Especially on a mobile-phone speaker.

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