What We Played #184: The Crew, Smash Bros. & Destiny

Kicking off this week’s round-up with a genuine dose of disappointment we have Aran, who’s been taking Ubisoft’s latest racing game for a spin. Although it has a few redeeming qualities, Aran’s been dragged down by The Crew’s rubber banding as well as its story which, even at a distance, looks as if it were crowbarred in.

The story is dire with characters that just drop out without explanation. The gang members are idiots too. If you ran a car gang would you trust someone to drive for you after one race, without proper introductions and a background check? No. There, I’m a smarter person than any of the gang members in The Crew.

Courtesy of PlayStation Plus, Aran has also been playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, the super-hero fighting game from Mortal Kombat studio, NetherRealm. During the PlayStation 4’s launch window, Injustice was ported over, but the differences between it and previous iterations aren’t exactly night and day. As Aran points out, though in-game visuals are a tad smoother, cutscenes are still plagued by choppy framerates.

For Blair, this week’s double XP event in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was enough to get him engrossed in the game’s multiplayer. Aside from that he’s also spent some time with Super Smash Bros. and Telltale Games’ Tales From The Borderlands, a review of which went live this morning.

It’s actually really surprisingly good and retains the series’ humour with all the storytelling genius of Telltale Games. It plays very much the same as their other games, but it’s a winning formula and something that just works quite well, I think.

Advanced Warfare also managed to lure in Tuffcub this week, who has been playing some Destiny too, alongside Minutes on the PlayStation Vita and Secret Ponchos.

It is probably the best CoD for ages. The bridge section is just fab, although the exo-suits are just silly, flimsy bits of metal. How they allow you to punch steel doors open is ridiculous and the plot reminded me a lot of Killzone, as did the hover tanks, big exo suits etc. Actually that’s probably why I liked it.

With a new Destiny expansion having just been released, it was only a matter of time before Teflon suited up for duty once more for some massively multiplayer sci-fi shooting. This week he’s been tackling the DLC’s new raid. According to him it’s as tough as nails, The Dark Below also playing host to some slight downsides which Tef plans to report on in the near future. Bar that, he’s been finishing up Dead Rising 3 in co-op play, while also dedicating some time to Call of Duty: Ghosts’ DLC extinction maps.

This week, I made an unexpected return to Azeroth in order to review the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. It’s the first time I’ve stepped foot in Blizzard’s acclaimed MMO since the launch of Cataclysm and I can tell you not much has changed. Sure, character models have been tweaked and there’s a renewed focus on narrative but at it’s core I find myself doing the same things I did half a decade ago when WoW was at the top of its game.

Mario Kart has also been a drain on my free time as my house-mates and I continue to battle things out, this time across the eight new courses. Ignoring Dragon Age: Inquisition, I booted up The Binding of Isaac too. Despite really enjoying the game, I had to delete it from my PS4 the same way I did with Don’t Starve. Though fun, I was getting fed up of playing for hours with nothing to really show for it.

Finally, we have Dom who, like Blair, has been topping up with some Smash Bros. with a side helping of The Wonderful 101. He’s also been playing the latest Lara Craft game, The Temple of Osiris, with a review currently in the pipeline.



  1. We’ll i picked up the DriveClub Platinum Wednesday and followed it up with my second Platinum of the week today with The Wolf Among Us on PS4,other than that i’ve played a bit of FarCry 4,LBP3 a round of Monopoly,also The Crew,Terraria and a few levls of Lords of the Fallen and Evil Within and lastly the new Lara Croft think that covers it ;)

  2. All I’ve played and I earned the platinum trophy out of Sly 2 on Ps Vita. That’s it for me.

  3. This week I started shadow of mordor,which is great,but then I got distracted by destiny which I have played loads of!
    After loads of thinking,I caved and bought the dark below!

  4. Spent most of the start of the week doing the Driveclub dlc and grinding towards the
    last few trophies and finally achieved the platinum on Wednesday.
    Since then I’ve been mostly playing Far Cry 4 which I should hopefully platinum later tonight as I only have 3 more story missions and unlocking all skills left to do.
    I’ve also been playing bits and bobs of Smash Bros … mainly the Home Run Contest mini game.

    • Update – Far Cry 4 platinum achieved.

    • Nice work on the DriveClub Platinum lads, that’s five of us on my friends list now with said trinket. Del was the first and fastest so grats to him on that.

      I’ve been playing the new isometric Lara pilfering the temples of Osiris which is complete but I need to revisit some of the challenges to 100% trophy the game…great little pick up and play albeit short.

      • Cheers Freeze right back at you ;)

  5. Far Cry 4. Probs about a quarter of the way to 100% completion. Not in any hurry. Really enjoying exploring and all the collectables, locations & side missions. Also, I don’t wanna finish it quickly, as not got anything else to play!

  6. Thomas Was Alone and Never Alone, enjoying both. A spot of Terraria (which of course means several hours) . GTA V – i’m trying to do the missions but each time i head to a waypoint to begin one it ends up taking three hours and numerous deaths due to random distractions and much fun along the way.
    In Driveclub i took some time out from the photomode to do some actual racing and although i’m still struggling with the semi-pro trophy i was chuffed when i played a timetrial of Westeros in stormy dynamic weather and registered 6th on the global leaderboard. I screengrabbed the fluke instantly and left before i could witness it’s inevitable slide down the ranks to obscurity.

    • How have you found swapping between GTA and DriveClub? I found the driving physics differences a bit of a mindfudge.
      I had completed Tour with all stars on DriveClub so I was reasonably good at it but now I find it pretty tough because my brain is in GTA driving mode.

  7. Got the Far Cry 4 platinum, very easy platinum which makes a nice change – could have been very easy for Ubisoft to add a MP level grind, or finish all side missions – but fortunately you only had to sample a few of each.

    Also (finally) finished the last Advanced Co-op mission in Red Desd Redemption with gazzagb and Avengerr – we’d been trying to Gold them all for months (albeit some weeks we didn’t play; and we had to Gold all the standard Co-op missions first). Really pleased to have 100% trophies for the Co-op DLC, and it’s been a great laugh – top blokes! :)

    A little bit of Minecraft on Vita. I have been building myself a castle, and on PS3 I have been helping my son build a massive tree-house! Could lose hours and hours in that game.

    Finally dipped back into CoD Extinction DLC with Teflon, wick15 & commisar_dave. Bloody good fun, can see myself playing this more regularly again to finish off the last two DLCs.

  8. I’m working my way through Far Cry 4 but keep getting distracted by all the little events in the world so I’m not really progressing in the story.
    After nearly 40 hours I’ve just fine the mission that unlocks the North of Kyrat!

  9. Nothing, I have played nothing this week :( I’ve not turned my PS4 on since last Sunday because uni deadlines and all that jazz. It could well be a similar story next week as well but come Christmas there will be a large gaming binge.

  10. I’ve been having ridiculous amounts of fun being totally rubbish at PvZ Garden Warfare this week. Fantastic game.

    • Glad someone agrees! It’s the most fun I’ve had playing a game in the last 12-months, utterly brilliant!

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