Community Chronicle: 21/12/14

It’s almost certainly one of the busiest weekends of the year in terms of people travelling. Flights are being caught, train seats sat on and motorway services stopped off at as millions make their way back home to visit their family and friends. I hope that, if you’re making just such a journey, it all goes off without a hitch.


You know who’s having a good time of it this Christmas shopping season? Both Sony and Nintendo are apparently doing quite well, with the former stating that they’re “inventory challenged” in Europe and the latter rapidly selling out of their second wave of Amiibo figures.

Even though it’s great for Sony, 3shirts didn’t like how they’re “Always trying to find a new way to suggest their product is too popular,” which naturally meant that bunimomike teased him, saying, “I bet you secretly love it when they tell you that they’re stock denied or showing too much shelf.” It all got a little too much for GoosePies, mind:

Oh no, what’s wrong with me?
“Showing too much shelf”
That sentence…
Never mind.

On the Amiibo side of things, it seems to be a combination of the Christmas shopping frenzy and low stocks, though. While a number of people professed complete and utter ignorance as to what they were, others like Kennykazey were caught up in the madness:

I got caught in the hype and managed to obtain Villager, Marth and Wii Fit Trainer… I didn’t even want them! I was just planning on getting Toon Link.

They’ve got ugly clear plastic holding their feet, and Villager has had an unfortunate nose-job. The final products just aren’t half as nice as the promo-shots.

They might make for good Christmas-tree decorations though, if you can get them off the stand.

All I know is that I’ve got my Samus, and she’s awesome.

The chances are probably quite slim, but one potentially quite big story that’s rumbling in the background surrounds Killzone: Shadow Fall and the definition of 1080p that’s allowed on the back of the box. One individual filed a class action lawsuit stating that Sony misinformed the public as to exactly the resolution they meant, and now a judge in California has ruled that the lawsuit can go ahead.

Boiling the legal process down, MrYD said, “The only possible outcome here is that some lawyers relieve someone of some money, and some totally random decision appears when those same lawyers confuse a judge and/or jury with lots of things that have very little relation to reality or actual technical facts.”

Whether or not he has case is another matter though, and Youles is on the fence:

I’m not really sure where I sit with this. If (and a big if) Sony claimed something that wasn’t true, then perhaps they should be punished – perhaps it doesn’t help that we do get broken games released. BUT, this guy seems like a [piece of work]. There really are more important things to concern yourself with, and if you are going to concern yourself, do it against someone more deserving – Killzone is a stunning looking game and has always seemed to work for me, but pretty much anything from Ubisoft (AC Liberation, AC Unity, The Crew, initial FC4 servers), or Dead Island 1/2 were as glitchy as [anything].

The only problem with that is that this lawsuit was necessarily filed several months ago, while Assassin’s Creed Unity and The Crew are much more recent. Additionally, Sony have never said anything’s wrong with the game, while Ubisoft and Microsoft have both taken compensatory measures in response to their own blunders of late.

But chances are it’ll end up like MrYd said, a random verdict which is then appealed into oblivion and rich lawyers getting richer.

Speaking of AC Unity, a huge patch was released this week for the game, weighing in at 6.4GB. Then again, some Xbox One owners found their consoles downloading the whole game all over again. “The patch is broken? Couldn’t make this stuff up!” wrote 3shirts.

JR. is taking a whole other outlook on the game’s woes, saying, “In my mind this game was delayed and is still in development. ‘Release day’ will be when we have confirmation that the game runs flawlessly. Should be less than half price by then too. Win.” Though he does have a little sympathy within in, as he “feel bad for the people who bought this game on release day but if this gen has taught me anything, it’s not to pre-order or buy games on day one.”

Yet, there are those who have been mysteriously able to play the game without a hitch, and as tactical20 relayed once more, “I completed Unity and experienced next to no issues whatsoever. In fact I’ve noticed more in Far Cry 4!”

Between the two of them, it seems to me that JR. and tactical20 have got life all figured out. Lucky blighters.


It’s all quiet on the trophies front, with few mentions in the forums and no What We Played this week for people to claim their achievements and state their recent gaming exploits. Feel free to use the comments below to make your gaming known, and don’t forget to congratulate ron_mcphatty, who finished Watch Dogs and bagged the platinum this week.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the penultimate entry in the 2014 leaderboards. If you’ve been taking part, make sure to update your trophy card by the end of the year, and we’ll have the final standings in the first chronicle of 2015!

I live you with the usual submission form and wish you all a happy Christmas and a merry new year.

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  1. Just posted this in the fastest platinum thread … Just got the Lego Batman 3 platinum on PS4.

  2. i think im on my way to popping my platinum cherry!
    walking dead season one on the vita!
    of the 44000 achievments i had on 360 i only ever 2000 pointed one game
    fight night round 3.

    • oops my bad! a thousand points

  3. Congratulations to ron,i’ve mostly been battering FarCry 4 this week and thanks to R1MJAW giving me a hand with the final 2 co-op trophies friday picked up the platinum :)

  4. A plat nonetheless dude ;) Gratios

  5. Thanks for the mention! Watch Dogs was great and the platinum a fun one to play towards.
    With the legal shenanigans about Killzone, I put it down to a [piece of work] with an irrational sense of entitlement. Of all the things to argue about in court, entertainment products are the most ridiculous. If he honestly felt that the game was broken he would have fought for a simple refund, or if the retailer wouldn’t give him one then quite simply take his business elsewhere, suing is just plain bloody greedy.

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