[UPDATE] The Evolve DLC Pricing Is Rather Steep Considering The Content

“There’s nothing that pisses me off more than useless DLC,” says Turtle Rock Studios Creative Director, Phil Robb. “It’s got to mean something – it’s got to add something significant to the game…and that’s what we’re shooting for with our upcoming Hunters and Monsters.”

We covered the announcement of the Evolve Hunting Season Pass two days ago. it contains four new Hunter characters and three new Monster skins. What we did not know is the price, and it’s “only” £21.99.


“Considering that if you bought them all separately, all of that content will run you about £30, stash that extra £5 in your pocket as a thank you for joining us on the hunt,” say 2K.  Some decorative skins which don’t really serve any purpose than to look nice and four new characters for £22 and you think that’s a bargain? Then make patronising comments that we should thank you for saving us money?

If you pre-order you also get the Monster Expansion for free, which gives you another skin and a new monster, the Behemoth, which has “a retail value of more than £14.99”, so presumably that’s the price you will pay if you don’t pre order.

The full game ships with twelve hunters and three monsters, so using 2K DLC pricing, four hunters cost £22 so twelve should cost £66. One monster is £15, three should be £45, so the full game should be around £111.

Either Evolve the game is the bargain of the century, or the DLC is massively overpriced. At least the maps are free, eh?

In comparison, Killzone Shadow Fall also gave away all the maps as free DLC, introduced a completely new class, new weapons, new abilities and gear and completely new stand alone game mode which also included a load of new maps, for £15.

UPDATE: Turtle Rock have responded to the pricing of the DLC.

Ultimately, TRS makes the games, we don’t sell them…and as the developers we’ve done our best to make a game that people want to play. We then have to trust our publisher to make the best decision on how to sell that game. We’ve done everything we could to keep this stuff as open to choice as possible and despite how it may look to some, there isn’t anything here that forces people to spend more money than they are comfortable with. We feel like all of the Evolve bundles that 2K announced just offer people choices, and having choices isn’t a bad thing.

Source: 2K



  1. I’m curious to see how this game will do in sales. I think it’s been promoted a bit too early and constantly considering especially the delayed release and I fear it might be a mistake. I’d like to see TurtleRock succeed but this kind of greedy pricing is really off-putting. So I’ll still give the beta a go on both PS4 & XBone and see if it’s something I really must have. Otherwise, I’ll probably pass. That one comment about “stashing the 5 as a thank you” is really too condescending to not care.

  2. I quite liked the look and premise of this but with the pre-order dlc spread all over different packages and this overpriced dlc I’ve lost interest. Very arrogant to suggest its a bargain.

    Also what point is there in the hunter skins with it being a fps? You can only see the arms most of the time!

    I can see this not selling very well.

    • “Also what point is there in the hunter skins with it being a fps? You can only see the arms most of the time!” – The point is that people buy it and the developers/publishers can make lots of money off the sales. ;-)

      • Yep. It’s so that other players can marvel at your ability to buy DLC.

      • They’ll be lucky if many buy it at that price.

    • This, nothing more annoying than being penalised for pre ordering the game from where you want.

      All day 1 editions should have all pre order bonuses, then preferred retailers can then keep those bonuses for the standard versions.

      Or do away with bonuses altogether.

      Season passes are another story but I won’t waste my time talking about them. It makes you wonder how devs and pubs didn’t go bankrupt before the time of overpriced dlc. Oh wait, just fine.

  3. Evolve devolved.

  4. Recieved the beta last night, going down it later. I read somewhere that if one person buys the DLC it means you can allow someone without it to access the maps & monsters during a match, I think

    • Yes if you dont have the DLC you can still play against someone who has it – ie they may have a DLC Monster you don’t. But you can’t play as their DLC monster.

  5. DLC price gouging to the maximum. Forget it 2K, ain’t no way I’d support a game that already seems light on content.

  6. “There’s nothing that pisses me off more than useless DLC,” says Turtle Rock Studios Creative Director, Phil Robb.
    Can he really think of nothing worse than that? I can think of, off the top of my head, a dozen things, all becoming more and more gruesome, tortuous and terrifying as the list goes on. The longer I type, the more things I think of. Bless him and his hyperbole.

  7. Something tells me these would have been ‘free’ or should I say in the main game on the disc which you would have already purchased if we weren’t in the era of having access to digital downloads.

    Is this DLC available pretty much when the game is released or are they still working on it and due to release it several months later?

    I can except the odd Season Pass as games are still evolving or levels are still being created from a jam packed game already, but this seems like a bit of a piss take to me.

    Not my cup of tea anyway.

  8. I’m thinking of picking up the “No Thanks” edition. It’s free, leaving all that spare money for robot hookers.

    • I’d be interested in that too. Do you get bonuses for pre ordering? Cashback?

      Speak for yourself on the android intercourse though. :p

  9. A bit steep but they have confirmed on their forums that all maps and modes will be free of charge to avoid creating a split community so I can cope with that.

  10. The customers should punish them for this, but they probably won’t.
    After last Fall, this year isn’t shaping any better. Hotline Miami 2 getting banned in Australia, what a shame.

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