Watch Us Play Zombie Army Trilogy

PSN threw a bit of a wobbly tonight – and I suffered the worst of it, really – but we carried on in the face of adversity, to shoot some zombies in the head for a bit. Check out the archived stream below, if you missed us live, to see the first chapter of the new campaign and a few rounds of the game’s Horde mode.

We’ll be back on Wednesday with our review ahead of this week’s release.

The final throes of World War Two don’t exactly play out as they did in the history books, in Zombie Army Trilogy. Instead, things take a turn for the occult and the arcane as Nazis and zombies are wed in unholy matrimony by Hitler to create Nazi zombies of all things, unleashed upon the unsuspecting human populace.


The first two games came out as standalone spin offs from Sniper Elite V2, both released back in 2013 for PC and PC alone, but now they’re being bundled together with a new campaign and a new horde mode in this trilogy collection that will see the series making its first appearance on consoles, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We’ve already previewed the game quite recently, but as the game heads for launch later this week, Tuffcub, Dom, Aran and I will be streaming some of the new content tonight, starting at 7PM. So click play below or head over to Twitch to catch us in action.

UPDATE: Two minutes in to the game and the PSN has thrown a wonk and we’ve all been kicked off. It seems to be coming back online, bear with!

UPDATE 2: OK we should be back on, sorry about that.


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  1. Ha ha, that looks like good fun. I am concerned though that after watching 30 minutes that the gameplay looks like a ‘rinse and repeat’ process of travel to that area, defeat the zombies, etc. Is there much variation after the first 30 minutes of the linked Twitch feed?

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