Report: The Taken King Has Removed Content From Destiny Year One Players

There are a lot of angry people on the internet today as reports emerge that whilst Destiny’s The Taken King expansion has brought a host of new content to those that bought it, it has also removed a number of features for those who did not.

The Crucible has lost game modes, including Control, and is limited to 3v3 or 6v6 match types. Level select has vanished from missions and you can only play them at the default level, and Eris’ bounties have been removed, which were part of The Dark below.

Below is a post from Reddit listing all the content that has been removed or changed, we should stress that we have not been able to verify all of these.

  • Daily, Weekly heroic and nightfall missions are all gated off and are level 40.
  • All Vendor gear is now locked, old vendor gear is gone completely.The only gear that you can buy is from your Vanguard mentor are uncommons with few perks and only some with 170 defence ratings.
  • The Vanguard Legacy playlist is a shadow of what the old Vanguard strike playlists were, providing paltry rewards and seemingly no legendary gear.
  • All “Kill Objective” missions while patrolling lead to Taken, who you are unable to kill due to the high level difference. This effectively renders them unbeatable unless you have a fire team member who owns the expansion.
  • Crucible now only lets you select between random 3v3 or 6v6 match types.
  • Level select on missions is gone, you can only do the mission on the default difficulty.
  • The wandering wolf packs are gone, along with being able to level up Queens Wrath other than grind story missions.
  • Doesn’t seem like there’s a way to earn Legendary Marks, so you can’t purchase planetary materials.
  • All of Eris’ bounties are gone, and her item selection has been culled.

Some players have suggested this is how MMO games work and it was expected year one content would be sideline. Some of the changes seem necessary to me but others, such as removing the Crucible modes, seem very harsh. What are your thoughts?

Source: Reddit / Kotaku


  1. I think the crucible situation is actually a useful thing for players who don’t want to buy The Taken King. The vast majority of ongoing Destiny players will be buying TTK, that means the ones without it who are still playing crucible is going to be a small number. By condensing all of the playlists into just 6v6 or 3v3 it makes it a lot easy to be matchmade with others rather than being sat in matchmaking for ages to find a few more players who haven’t bought the new content and want to carry on playing that specific mode of crucible.

  2. because they want people to upgrade.

  3. Well there’s nothing to play the game for if you don’t own TTK dlc. It’s pretty bad form and manipulative to get people to buy the new expansion. Thing is, and I’m ashamed of myself, really, really ashamed, because I’m not happy about the way Bungie/Activision are playing us like this, but I will be bowing down to this tactic next week once I get paid. One of my friends has the dlc and he’s enjoying it a lot and I do enjoy jumping into the base game. And because I know I’ll get my money’s worth, the price, although not ideal, wasn’t really an issue. But it’s the way our hands are being forced into getting TTK that sickens me and I don’t want to support it. But I’m going to anyway.

  4. It’s a typical Activision move.

  5. I’ve been playing this constantly since launch and a lot of this is incorrect

    I was level 40 after one hour with the help of Red Bull’s focussed light, there are plenty of chances to earn legendary marks, heroic strikes, daily pve/pvp, and all the quests of which there are loads! my mate has earnt/spent 200 since Tuesday.

    Of course the heroics and night falls are max level, that’s the point of them and the rewards are just fine, even better IMO.

    Not all public events and vip patrol kills lead to taken, in fact far from it.

    You can choose between two difficulty levels if you meet the light level requirements. I am already 285 light.

    Vendors have decent gear for sale too and it was communicated that the Wolves would be retired.

    Honestly some people don’t know how good they have it!

    • And the whole point of low weapon stats is infusing them with better ones so they develop

    • I think you’ve missed the point of this article. People who haven’t bought The Taken King can’t do these things.

      • Yep, completely missed the point. Automatic “defend the DLC” mode I think ;)

  6. This is not the first time that Destiny has locked out content from players who did not buy the latest DLC but it does seem to be the most severe.

    The fact that Crucible modes are locked out even means that some trophies (Relic Hunter, Finders Keepers, and consequently the platinum) are not going to be attainable for anyone who doesn’t have the latest DLC.

  7. So, some people can no longer play crucible? That would explain why it seems so hard to find a match this week, compared to, say, 3 weeks before…

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