Project Spark To Become Free From October 5th

Microsoft has announced that Project Spark, its version of a game creation software, will be leaving behind the paid model and transitioning into a completely free to use tool. This move will unlock all currently paid for DLC meaning everything will be at your fingertips from the moment you open the program on October 5th. If you have bought the Project Spark, any downloadable content related to it, you will receive the equivalent value to use in the Microsoft Store. This will be available to anyone who activated the product on or after July 28th 2015.

The move to a free model will also see the following changes on October 5th:

  • The maximum terrain limit in creations has been doubled
  • The maximum prop limit in creations has been increased by 500
  • 200+ new assets have been added in game, including a dragon, goblin warlord, bog biome and a set of new primitive building blocks
  • Each creator will now have a total of 100 Upload Slots for their creations
  • UGC ranking will be based on downloads and favorites, instead of upvote/downvote ratings
  • The Project Spark Marketplace has been removed
  • The Project Spark Tour and Treasure Trove have been removed
  • Achievements have been revamped for players and creators

With this move it may be that Conker’s Big Reunion will also become a free game to play, and all the assets for the Conker Pack will also be available to use too. Project Spark was released almost exactly a year ago, and switching to a free model may suggest that it wasn’t generating as much income as Microsoft hoped it would. If you are interested in creating games though it may be worth taking a lot at.



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  1. Tried it for a bit but I’m kinda glad I’ve never bothered to buy anything from it..

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