Driveclub Bikes Rated For PS4 Ahead Of Paris Games Week Press Conference

Having brought the DLC season pass to a close a few months back, it wasn’t clear what the future held for Driveclub and its developers at Evolution Studios. However, it looks like those plans are about to be revealed in full at Paris Games Week, as PEGI have rated Driveclub Bikes for PlayStation 4 in Europe.

Interestingly, PEGI also put the release date for Driveclub Bikes as today, October 27th, which would imply that this is a major DLC expansion, rather than a full retail release – they still have Driveclub’s release date as coming alongside the PS4’s launch, though, despite its hefty delay. Whether it’s out tonight or not, this leak and some subtle hints from Evolution suggests that we’re pretty likely to find out more about this at tonight’s Sony press conference, which kicks off at 5PM GMT.


Though this is one nice surprise to be checked off the list, you can expect plenty more. Media Molecule have been tweeting that we’ll see more of Dreams, and Sony will be showing off and announcing games set for release over the next year. Presumably, there’ll a little bit of PlayStation VR thrown in for good measure.

Source: PEGI via Gematsu



  1. A roster of licenced bikes? If that handling is good, count me in!

  2. “Though this is one nice surprise to be checked off the list”
    To be fair, it could have remained a surprise for those of us who are going to watch the conference live and would prefer stuff isn’t spoiled beforehand.
    I get why you would post this up (after all, a lot of people don’t care about “spoilers”) but I’m sure a slightly more ambigious article title would have done the job.

    Sorry. Managed about 2 hours sleep last night and am currently running on coffee. Mumble grumble ;P

    • You’re not the only one running on 2 hours of sleep and caffeine…

      Sorry for the spoiler, but news is news. I guess the only real way to avoid these things would be to stay off the internet for a day or two before a presser, but without the same stigma of ruining a plot twist at the end of a film or TV show, these things are always going to appear.

      • I sympathise with Eldavo’s sentiment, although in more general terms, a good example for me as a non F1 channel subscriber is how it’s now utterly impossible to avoid getting F1 results before I get a chance to watch BBC highlights. In the case of TSA I know I can avoid articles as spoilers are usually within them, in this instance I think the solution is to cut yourself off. There’s a certain magic to being able to consume information whenever we like, but the price is that we can’t always stop finding out what we don’t want to know.

  3. And forza fans continue to look on in bemusement that a game that was so badly dragged though the mud by the “experts” in the gaming press, continues to outshine their brand new Xbox one game in every aspect.

    • No need for such unpleasantries.

      Bikes could be a really interesting addition, but it makes me want a new Motorstorm.

    • Forza 6 was received well though?

  4. Driveclub may have had a shaky start but the support this game has received and is still receiving is pretty impressive.

  5. I can understand keeping the brand, but Driveclub Bikes sounds really clumsy, surely it should be Rideclub?

    • Seriously RideClub? tantamount to a doggers international meet :P
      Look forward to testing the waters on this one, tried the best, but always up for a new challenge of this genre.

    • There is a game called bikeclub or motorcycle club out already

  6. Hopefully its quad’s as well as two wheels. I havent got the skill required for controlling two wheels. I was half decent on a vector racing game on the amiga! Cant remember name though. Something along the lines of Pure would be awesome.

    • No Second Prize it was called. Released in 1992!

      • Great game with mouse control as I remember and at 50fps on the old Amiga…

  7. I can’t see myself ever being interested in a bike game but i’m willing to try it out.

  8. The support for this game is astonishing. Adding bikes is risky but the handling system in Driveclub should make for a smooth transition.

  9. There hasn’t been a decent Road bike game for ages. I think the last one I enjoyed was GT Bikes or whatever it was called.

  10. Lovely. Thanks for the news TSA. I didn’t even know there WAS a press conference. Will tune in.

    Looking forward to bikes, haven’t particularly enjoyed a bike racing game since Moto Racer 2.

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