Get Driveclub Bikes Right Now

So, Driveclub Bikes is actually a thing now. Better yet, if you’re next to your PlayStation 4 you should be able to download it right away, either as an expansion or a standalone game.


Bikes will feature an all new tour, complete with skill races, challenges, and multiplayer. With bikes from major manufacturers such as Ducatti, Yamaha, Honda and “many more” you’ll be able to ride through Driveclub’s 78 gorgeous locations.

UPDATE: It’s not on the store yet. Tsk.



  1. It’s live and £11.99 for existing owners :)

  2. Great. Once again, the idiotic handling of updates on the PS4 causes me trouble. There’s about 1.7GB to download, and I’ve apparently not got enough space with about 30GB free.

    But it’s finally doing it, with some fiddling.

    • Does anyone know why this is so? Im not as bad with 30gb left but usually i now cant go below 15gb and its a royal pain

      • It’s not the same situation as the PS3. You don’t need twice as much space temporarily (a 1GB download needs 2GB of space, 1 of which is then freed up after installing).

        It looks like part of the problem is you need space to download all the updates. Even when you’re only downloading one. If you’ve had 19 updates of 1GB each, they’re all installed, and you want to download update 20, which is also 1GB, it appears you need 20GB of free space to download that 1GB. Make some space, download the update, and you’ll have 19GB more space than you needed free.

        There might also be some minimum amount of free space you have to keep available at all times, for no obvious reason. It’s not for the constant recording video thing, because that will happily tell you there’s not enough space to do that and carry on without that function.

        Worst of all, there’s not any consistency to it either. Some games will download updates fine even if the total size of all the updates so far is more than the space you’ve got available.

        Driveclub is definitely the worst culprit though. I think it might be doing something slightly different with a system that is already a bit broken.

    • Oh wow, verifying the download took longer than the actual download or install, am I so impatient that the thought of living in a badger warren wouldn’t be all that claustrophobic after all :P

  3. Ok, bikes are fun. If a bit leany. You have to be a lot more careful on corners, obviously.

    There’s a whole separate trophy list, with a platinum and a trophy named “Bike Curious”, which caused a slight giggle.

    And a whole tour. 6 lots of 6 events then the trophy races. And “skill run” replaces drift events.

    Looks like a lot there for your £11.99.

  4. Just been playing this it is fantastic fun especially on the none circuits. The crash driveclub logo is a little jarring at first but it’s there so they do not have to get the game related with PEGI

  5. How does it compare to other bike games, particularly the handling?
    As a biker, I’m interested in this, but not if it just the same physics with a bike model instead of a car..

    • The bikes definitely handle differently. You really need to watch your speed and where you are on the road going into corners, otherwise you’ll be off road (with no entertaining collisions, unfortunately). Brake too much and try and accelerate too fast, and you’ll be flapping about all over the place.

      I’ve not played too much of other bike games, but I’m guessing the bikes handle in a similar way to how the cars handle compared to other games. Somewhere in the middle between arcade racing and a racing simulator.

      And some of the events are harder than the car events. Time trials aren’t just a set of 3 times to beat for the 3 stars. You might have 2 stars that are a simple lap time to beat, and the 3rd might be a time to beat for a clean lap.

      Unlocking the bikes works differently too. Any fame you earn on a bike counts for your overall level as well as an individual bike. Get a bike up to level 5, and another unlocks. (If was just based on your overall level, people would either unlock all 12 bikes straight away, from previous experience, or the level requirements would have to be silly)

    • It is a world away from the SBK or MotoGP bike games. It really does bring back the fun factor to biking games. I utterly love it, just tried the update earlier for the first time and can wholeheartedly recommend spending that mothballridden £11.99 on this.
      Kinda reminds me of an old PS2 game series that had me hooked (as mentioned on the TSA community wall) Riding Spirits.
      Make sure though that you get your riders viewpoint set right, try a few out, F1 button I think?

      • That’ll be the R1 button…still celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s 3rd world title lol.

  6. I have bad memories of playing MotoGP – i think i spent more time sliding across the tarmac than on the bikes – so this probably isn’t going to be for me. I still would have liked if they had included one free bike or a limited demo so i could get a feel for it.

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