DiRT Rally Gets New Content For The Console Launch

Codemasters have revealed that both the console and PC versions of DiRT Rally are to get some new content this April. Classic Mini and Super 1600 series have been added along with “the vintage full gravel surface at Pikes Peak.”


Also included are three of Colin McRae’s most iconic liveries and 21 advanced rally driving video guides. You can head over  www.dirtgame.com to pre-order the special editions of the game which include unlocks, steelbooks and other such trinkets.

Source: Codemasters



  1. If it wasn’t already set to be the best current-gen rally game to date, Codemasters are taking it even further.

  2. Looking forward to Dirt Rally but really enjoying Seb Loeb’s game, it reminds me of Richard Burns Rally, a proper rally Sim.

  3. Honestly, all i need is the Subaru Impreza with that livery – anything else is a bonus!

  4. April? Hmmm decisions decisions.

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