What We Played #259: Unravel, Mighty No.9 and Monster Hunter Generations

It may be the case that this week has been overshadowed by everyone playing the game ‘UK Referendum’, which no matter which way you look at it, has had deeply unlikeable main characters, rubbish dialogue and a frankly exhausting introduction before anything happened. Fortunately we’ve found time to play actual video games as well, which have hopefully been rather more fun!

I had a Wii U-centric week with both Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympics taking up a big chunk of my time while I reviewed them. If you like J-Pop there’s a lot to like about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, though it’s overall a little old-fashioned, even if some of the music is fantastic.

Beyond those two I’ve returned to the world of Erion with the HD remake Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for what is likely to be a pretty positive review next week, while tucking into Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS. To be honest I’ve started to miss my old 3DS XL – not in terms of the reduced performance of course – but because it was actually more comfortable to play for longer with the Circle Pad Pro add-on. It’s not as powerful and didn’t fit in my pockets though, so I’ll probably not be downgrading!

Tuffcub was the first to answer the What We Played call and he’s still blowing everything to hell in Just Cause 3, and is starting to review Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, but that’s it! Kris managed to play a couple of different games this week, with Risky Rooms and Inks taking up his time, though as much as he loves the latter, feels it’s a little light on content.

Dave‘s love for Pokémon is well known, and he’s been dabbling with the Pokémon Go beta when he’s not, in his own words, been “crying like an anime fan on prom night playing Mighty No. 9, which as it turns out is not so mighty”. Besides the tears he’s also made a start on The Technomancer for a forthcoming review and trundled on with the awesome Fire Emblem: Birthright.

While he may be living the dream in Japan, Miguel has continued to play Grand Kingdom and Fate Grand/Order, but travelling has taken up most of his time. Aran, meanwhile, has been battering the Gods in God Of War: Chains Of Olympus. He discovered that if you just spam jump and heavy attack you can get past most enemies with ease which I’m not sure sound like tons of fun. Besides that he’s also been playing Tropico 5, and slowly building his island into an industrial powerhouse.

Jim’s been lumbered with reviewing the terrible Umbrella Corps this week, while Stefan’s reviewed the not quite awful but still very far from being good Trials of the Blood Dragon. Thankfully, he got to wash that bitter aftertaste away with SteamWorld Heist‘s lovely turn-based tactical play, and has dabbled with a few other games that you’ll hear about next week.

Finally, we have a new writer! He’s called Jake and he really likes Pokémon! This week though it’s been all about Destiny, Unravel, Trine and The Wolf Among Us on Vita, while he gets into the swing of things here at TSA Towers.

But now why don’t you tell us what you’ve played? And don’t use naughty words.

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  1. I have played 6 games since I got back from Download Festival and have Platinum Super Exploding Zoo on the Vita…. (last game on the Vita was Virtues Last Reward)
    Then got Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Platinum thanks to R1MJAW and Pixel for helping me out.
    Then I started to check my PS Plus download history and have re-downloaded and 100% Gone Home, Sportsfriends and Titan Attacks. Currently playing Stick it to the Man and only 3 trophies left to complete 100% which will be tonight. Hopefully next few days will be Zombi if I feel like playing it. Or it’ll be a different Plus game instead like Strider or Outcast etc….. got a few to complete and clear the HDD space (and the backlog of course….)

  2. Not a lot really, some Blops3 last weekend, and started the Battlefield Hardline story but not gotten very far.

  3. I wish i owned XCOM:EU so i could make an EU joke but i do not. I’ve been playing XCOM:EW.

    Completed Bullestorm and South Park:Stick of Truth.

    XCOM, it’s erm… kinda been a disaster. First game? Did well after the tutorial and was getting win after win then it went downhill fast after the first terror mission. More losses then wins and i more or less got broken by the game. Just kept losing my best men. Kept getting poor rolls and kept losing countries. Then it was game over. Second game? Doing better and disabled tutorial despite me think it’s better, narrative wise. Unfortunately, i had to withdraw from teh first terror mission. All i had was snipers, support and one assault and recruits. Ended up having to retreat with my sniper. It was a nasty map. Chryasslids are bastards when you only have convential guns. Aiming to get laser weapons asap. I am on Site Recon. Not save scumming and am hoping i can pull this off despite being underpowered. It’s going to be tough and i will lose people.

    But that is part of XCOM. Losing people, getting your arse kicked, coming back with hellfire in your heart and beating everything in your path with limited resources.

    I think Salarians may have been involved with the development. :P

    • Reminding of the wonder of XCOM, I think I may just go and play it* again.

      *play it really really really well.


        Only playing on normal. 3-4 code blacks(total squad wipeout) and i was not willing to do the second Zhang DLC mission with him and recruits.

        WHY DOES IT HATE ME!? *Cries*

  4. I got Overwatch and DiRT Rally for my Birthday last week, so I’ve been playing them most of the week.

    I thought Overwatch lacked a bit of fizz at the beginning, but it’s surprised me a lot the more I’ve played. There’s been more than few hilarious moments and plays of the game which I’m gonna try putting into a montage. It’s strangely small and simple, but it’s got lasting appeal and I look forward to the competitive update.

    DiRT Rally, well that’s just as sublime as ever. I never got chance to do much RallyX or try out the new content on the PC version, so taking a different career path has been fun. Got 34th on one of the daily challenge leaderboards too, pretty happy with that.

    Hoping to nail some more Borderlands 2 soon with Blast71, and gonna have a blast with Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight update next week.

    • Any chance of postponing our borderlands again this week as I really wanna watch the footy again, plus I might be watching the pay-per-view boxing. Next Saturday should be free, but next Sunday I’ll be watching the final. After the euros have finished I’ll be back to normal ;)
      Happy belated birthday by the way as well ;)

      • Ha yeah I know the footy is on non-stop next few days, have got Overwatch to occupy me plenty for now. See you next Saturday!

    • Just found out that there’s a match Saturday & Sunday night so I’ll have to postpone AGAIN. A week Saturday looks good (for now anyway…)
      I’m not avoiding you, I promise ;)

  5. Not a lot this week, i’ve neglected the bike expansion for Driveclub so i played some of that and got the Norway trophy. Also some Binding of Isaac, just dipped in out of curiosity after the latest update. Discovered that the update adds some new features even without buying the Afterbirth dlc, which is neat!

    • banging in some black cops 3.picking up camo and weapons from the contracts.

  6. sorry ts,i have hijacked your post in the reply and not in the comments box.

  7. Managed to platinum infamous second son in between the footy-feast. Really enjoyable game.

  8. Was going to play Mighty Number 9, but European backers on PlayStation have to wait another month. So the game I pre-ordered years ago got delayed, after its release.

    At least I got a T-shirt out of it.

  9. Lots of things picked up cheaply this week.

    Finally got all the expansions for Destiny, which has sucked me back in.

    Need for Speed, which is fun, even if it’s just “easily win races until you can’t, then upgrade cars, and easily win more races”.

    And Star Wars Battlefront was a bit of a bargain price on Amazon. £12. Definitely worth it at that price, but wouldn’t have wanted to pay full price.

    Which, along with the BBC’s coverage of Glastonbury, should keep me entertained for the rest of the weekend and distracted from saying “told you so” every time more disastrous consequences from yesterdays referendum result happen.

  10. I’ve not played much, except for some Uncharted 4, which I really now got into and enjoy a lot. It is an extraordinarily beautiful game, and the story makes me want to play more. I’ll be sad when it’s all over.

    But speaking of sad. I realise the British have really done it. Games on my UK account and ordering through my usual channel, from Amazon UK, just got less expensive, and there’s a good chance the pound will fall further on. But, nevertheless, I feel quite sad.
    The UK is the place in the world I spent most time of my life besides my home country, and that has a reason. I quite like the UK, and I have some emotional strong bonds over there and friends. I find it quite hard to understand the Brexit outcome, as my prognosis is very negative. I expect a lose-lose for everyone, sadly mostly for the UK themselves.
    The community here reacted in quite emotional ways when single game developers have been shut down in the past. This may be an awful lot worse on a much bigger scale, but the matter is definitely a lot more complex.
    So, I can only say I wish the UK all the best, my thoughts are with you.

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