Rocket League Update Looks To Fix Competitive Matchmaking

Having blown up over the past twelve months, Psyonix continues to work its magic on Rocket League. This latest update from the team won’t effect everyone but will close some of the loopholes found in the game’s competitive matchmaking system.

Prior to the new update, players have been able to effectively carry lower-ranking teammates in their matchmaking party, helping them to climb the leaderboard. Of course, not everyone is attempting to exploit the system, so Psyonix has come up with a solution:

  • You can search for Competitive games in a Party with anyone in your friends’ list, regardless of their current skill tier
  • Instead of averaging each player’s skill together in a Party, Party Skill is now based on the highest-skilled player in the group
  • When skill ratings are updated after a match, the new Party Skill rating will be used to prevent players from ranking up faster by teaming up with lower-ranked friends

By phasing out the previous average-based system, it’s hoped that ranked play will become much fairer and attract far less cheaters looking to catapult themselves up the leaderboard.

Source: Psyonix

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