Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition Will Not Have Season Pass Included

I know many of you are Final Fantasy fans, and some of you may even have ordered the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which would set you back £189.99/$269.99. If you have pre-ordered it then you would assume that it would at least include the Season Pass in that price too. Well that won’t be the case which means you’ll have to spend more money to get the extra content.


The cheaper Digital Premium edition does include the season pass however, with the full package priced at £69.99. The Ultimate Edition may include a statue, hardcover artbook, and a copy of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, but to not have the season pass included seems quite out of order to those who have laid down the extra money to support the game.

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  1. Color me blind. That is by far the most stupidest thing I’ve heard today so far and it’s only 7am. Wonder what cracker will top this. Oh I know the season pass is exclusive to xbone.

  2. Cheap bastards.

    What? It wouldn’t cost them anything to throw it in due to the sheer amount of cost this is.

  3. Poor, greedy, greedy, poor, greedy and also greedy. Oh and greedy, very greedy, poor and quite greedy.

  4. yeah, because the biggest fans, those will to pay 190 quid for the game with an action figure don’t deserve to get the season pass.

    i mean, they’re paying that much, they’ll pay extra for the season pass, right?

    or maybe it’s just that those little bits of glossy paper with the silver scratch off bit are just way too expensive to make.
    is the silver stuff made from Higs Bosons by any chance?

    and i bet the profit margin on those action figures is bloody huge.

  5. Of course it won’t… Fucking Square. I remember when I could buy a Final Fantasy game that was complete.

    • Indeed. I recall one of the PS3 games had about £40+ worth of costume DLC – more than the actual game. Fucking ridiculous.

      And this is stupid – but I guess they know that people paying that high price for the game clearly love it, and I would guess that nearly all that purchase it will fork out for the season pass on top, and Square will know that. Greedy indeed, the wankers.

  6. “Ultimate”, my backside!

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