Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition Will Be Available In Parts Of Europe

SEGA has confirmed that it will be releasing the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain with Amazon getting the exclusive rights to it. This edition of the game was originally only confirmed for release in North America, however there was demand by fans to be able to get the edition here in Europe. A pre-order page is already up for Sonic Mania’s Collector’s edition, and if you are keen on buying it will set you back £79.99.



Don’t expect a disc of the game though because it will be a downloadable title. Instead you will get a 12″ statue of Sonic with a Mega Drive base that has the SEGA start up audio, and a cartridge cast that has a golden ring. There’s also a metallic card with all it packaged in a collector’s box.

Source: Press Release

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  1. They had the perfect chance to do a disc with a ring on it and they elected to do download only. Seriously, they could have done a ring styled disc along with this instead of well, this. This is still neat though but feels almost incomplete without a disc. May just be me and my ol’ fashioned ways.

    • then call me old fashioned too, because i agree.
      it’s ludicrous selling a physical edition without a disc.
      when i buy physical, i want hard copy, that’s why i won’t buy those season pass discs for the Telltale games.

      still, it’s a modern Sonic game, so it could be awful anyway.

      if i see this going really, REALLY, cheap, i might pick it up though.

  2. I put this preorder as soon as I saw it this morning. I would of liked disc but hey-ho.

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