The Amnesia Collection Comes To PS4 Next Month

Frictional Games, the chaps behind the rather fabulous SOMA, have announced that a triple pack of their older titles will be landing on PlayStation 4 on November 22nd. The original game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, will be joined by Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs which was developed by The Chinese Room, the team who made Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.


The third game is the lesser known Amnesia: Justine which was created to promote Portal 2, and it is described as “heavily inspired by films such as Saw and the historical persona of Elisabeth Báthory.”

Warning: This video contains YouTube ‘personalities’ screaming a lot, which personally makes me want to throw my PC out of the window. You have been warned.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Very good, I just have to finish SOMA now after my holidays, but so far that was brilliant, so I’ll be very tempted by these.

  2. Always wanted to play these! Looking forward to this.

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