DualShock 4 Support Now Available Via Steam Beta

Last month at the Steam Dev Days Conference, Valve announced it would natively support the PlayStation’s DualShock 4 Controller and now, thanks to the latest Steam update, this is a reality.

The update is currently in beta but anyone can opt-in via the Account section in Steam. In the update you’ll find button mapping templates and options. In addition to this, when players access the Big Picture menu, they’ll be presented with many more customizable options for the DualShock 4’s input in the same way players do for the official Steam Controller.


So, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go… unless you don’t own a computer built within the last decade, that is.

Source: VG247

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  1. That’s good news I’ll be giving it a go very soon.

    Am I right in thinking you can connect the DS4 using USB instead of the USB Wireless Adaptor?

    • Yep you can, you can also pair the DS4 with your PC’s Bluetooth using Dualshock4Windows so it might be possible to use the controller wirelessly in Steam without the adaptor. The adaptor is very good though, £20 isnt cheap but it really is 100% fuss free, pairing is fast and it never drops out.

      I’m looking forward to giving this go tonight, will we be able to start Steam in Big Picture with the PS button?

      • Cheers Ron, My PC hasn’t got Bluetooth but I’m sure I’ve got a mini Bluetooth USB adapter somewhere, just need to find it.
        ShopTo has the wireless adapter for £16.85 at the moment.

      • That’s pretty good, maybe it’ll drop sub £15 around Christmas? I get the feeling it’s not a popular accessory, which is a shame. Maybe try wired first and if the Steam support is really good bypass all the Bluetooth fuss and treat yourself to an adaptor in the new year :)

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