What We Played #281 – Overcooked, Overwatch, & Pokémon Sun

Do you ever get the feeling you’re always waiting? You’ll hold off buying a game, a console or a TV until it’s in the big sale, but in so many cases you’ve missed the boat. Everyone else is onto the next big thing, the new and improved experience, and while a quality single player game won’t be harmed by waiting six months, multiplayer games are a different kettle of fish. In the case of poor old Battleborn, even selling for £3.85 isn’t likely to suddenly populate the servers – and that’s assuming they’re still a plural. Look at Evolve, which has seen heavy discounting become simply giving it away and eventually abandoned, and really if you didn’t experience it early on before all of the DLC nonsense happened then you probably won’t capture any of its real entertainment value.

Sure, we don’t all have the luxury of simply buying whatever we want, when we want it, but sometimes if you don’t get in at the start you’ll miss out entirely, particularly in computer games. Just maybe though, Black Friday is the time to jump in!

I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall 2, and really it’s a great step for the franchise and amongst my top games this year. As a pilot you already feel powerful, and jumping into your titan make you even more so. Besides that there’s been a great deal of LEGO Dimensions played, with the new releases including an awesome-looking Sonic level set – check back next week for our review!

Jake was the first to check in this week, and besides being addicted to Pokémon Sun, he’s found time to be productive… which means he’s played Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider as well. Steve has found a good point to discover Nathan Drake, with Uncharted: Golden Abyss filling up his Vita play time. Besides that he’s played Tyranny, Darkest Dungeon and Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity some of which are for review!

Dave is still stuck into Pokémon Sun – though less than last week – as well as dabbling in Planet Coaster and Titanfall 2 where he found time to team up with both Tuffcub and Tef. Speaking of Tuffcub, besides Titanfall 2 there’s been Skyrim on PS4 and Blue Rider which sounds like it is the most excruciatingly hard game this side of the 1980s.

Jim discovered a new console this week, though he’s not keeping it;

This week I decided to finally give the Xbox One a spin. I’ve played it before for various games like Forza Horizon 2, Ryse, and Sunset Overdrive though this was the first time I had one at home. Overall, it’s a nice bit of a kit though I’ve no intention of keeping it for myself – I’m just too used to the PS4 UI and the admittedly better suite of first party titles.

My time with Gears of War 4 was pretty good in the end. Its new cast of characters aren’t exactly brilliant (bar Oscar, of course) though there are enough cameos and throwbacks to make it worthwhile. That last act is pretty fantastic too!

Aside from that, there’s been some Ezio Collection and Overcooked.

It’s been a hectic week for Miguel who’s played Shadow Tactics and Steins;Gate 0, Overcooked, Lethal League, the new Gauntlet, Assault Android Cactus – which is now one of his favourite games – Killer Instinct, Paladins on PS4 as well as a spot of Overwatch and Dark Souls 3. Phew!

There’s been a smidgeon of Cities: Skylines for Tef, who’s now got his hands on the Natural Disasters DLC. There was also the latest episode of Batman – A Telltale Series, some more Rise of the Tomb Raider’s online co-op mode, and he was wowed by how big a difference the HDR patch managed to make for The Witness.

Kris has been playing the distinctly OK Uncharted 4, which is “just fine”, and has subsequently been trying to argue with everyone else about it in the world. Besides that it’s been the thrill-fest that is Microsoft Solitaire on iOS.

Now then, what have you played? And what did you get in the Black Friday sales?!

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  1. It’s my 40th birthday today so I treated myself to RIGS which with a combination of that and CoD VR game made me feel motion sick. I got most of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition multiplayer trophies out of the way. Also played a bit of PES, FIFA and Knack. I’ve not played much else really.

    • Happy birthday!! Best have a few beers to cure that VR hangover with a proper hangover :)

    • That’s my next milestone! Happy 40th ;)

    • Happy 40th Birthday – it’s all downhill from here on! ;)

    • Happy birthday, young person. It is indeed downhill from there. On the plus side, I think everyone can agree that 2016 has been shit and should be done again next year so we can get it right. Which means you can be 39 again.

    • Happy Birthday fella. You’ve spent it in the best way, having fun and nearly chucking up*.

      *without alcohol

    • thanks everybody for all the birthday wishes. Much appreciated.

    • All the best..! Are you sure it’s been VR and not some pints that made you feel…? ;o)
      40 is a good age, and there’s still some fun to be had. Wished I was that young… ;o)

      • Haha I definitely wasn’t beer that made feel ill. Thanks for the birthday wish.

        @CR8ZYHORSE thanks as well. I did go to York on the booze the weekend before to celebrate early without my wife. That got very messy.

    • Awesome bud,hope you celebrate it in the most inappropriate way happy birthday.:)

  2. Watch Dogs 2. Just the last mission to go, and sadly I can’t say it’s been a game I’ve hugely enjoyed. The further I got in, the more the game mechanics started to jar, almost as much as the characters. SF is a fantastic location though. My favourite bit has been finding ways onto rooftops to do some ‘tagging’ (Ubisoft, please do some research).

    My main gripe is the gunplay. It’s pointless. As soon as you start firing, endless back up arrives and kills you. Not to mention it totally doesn’t fit with the game’s narative to kill hundreds of people. The police are bastards too (but we already knew that right?!). Accidently knock someone over and a witness calls the cops, who then relentlessly hound the shit out of you until you either die, or are 1000 miles away from the objective you were heading towards.

    I don’t think it’s hugely better than the first tbh. I’d give it a 6/10.

  3. After getting myself a low spec laptop in the pre-black Friday fortnight I’ve finally gotten round to getting hooked on Train Valley. It’s an utter bastard, so hugely frustrating and horrendously addictive. Luckily I’m only four levels away from the end, then I can sink some time into FTL.
    I also bought myself the original Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty in the Steam sales, I’m fairly proud of myself for being so restrained but also appalled because I know I won’t play them!

  4. Monday night Zombie slashing with R1MJAW and Forrest in Riptide,quite a bit of Destiny with Forrest again with Forrest for Division Wednesday night along with Berzerka and Toutski,quite a bit of Titanfall 2 and finished a play through of Knack and today a bit of zombie/zed abuse in Killing Floor 2 with tonight being GTAV with Forrest once again and heedbaw and R1M.

  5. I’ve been dipping onto some of my PS+ games, namely Resogun and Binding of Isaac, as i have only a few days left on my plus sub and i probably won’t rush to renew it.
    Also dipped into Driveclub but mostly i’ve been enjoying Dishonored 2 and NMS.
    Speaking of which, there’s an update incoming soon..


    • The internet is already being the internet about that NMS update. Apparently they shouldn’t announce it until it’s released. After spending 3 months moaning about them not saying anything. Even though they were saying things.

  6. This week has been finishing off Fallout 4 and the DLC (liking the Nuka-World stuff).

    And giving in to temptation and buying more stuff from whatever excuse Sony had for a PSN sale this time. (Ok, I had vouchers for Argos of all places, because reasons)

    Mad Max is lots of lovely brown fun, even if it is just “here’s a map with some balloons that aren’t Ubitowers, honest, which leads to a billion icons”. I must be at the point where I can kill my annoying “friend” by now. So far I haven’t got him to fall out of the back of the car and accidentally run him over 14 times by accident. Believe me, I’ve tried.

    There may also be a JRPG or 2 involved this week as well, which is a foolish decision with FFXV coming next week.

  7. Restarted Black Flag for reasons unknown but I’m glad I did. Even though I’m still familiar with the story as a whole it’s just a fun game.

    Got my teeth into FIFA’s Journey mode. While having many pretty glaring flaws it’s a nice diversion and something that can be expanded dramatically on in the future.

    Rainbow Six: Siege once again. Running out of great things to say about this game. I’m not even very good, I just have so much fun with it.

  8. First, I platinumed Until Dawn, easily gets 10/10 from me, an excellent game.
    Then I started The Order 1886 and made it through the first 3 chapters before I gave up. Found it disappointing and boring, rather a chore to play, and the Lycan encounters which I expected to be the highlights of the game were quite the opposite. I’ll give it a go some other time, as it’s quite short, but I really understand the mediocre ratings it got.
    So I went on to the Amnesia Collection, which shows it’s age quite a bit, but I’m only at the start and interested to see more.
    In between I quickly had a go at the Star Wars Battlefront free maps weekend, but more maps didn’t really make it any better for me.

    • Until Dawn is one of the finest games of this generation in my opinion. I would love for a sequel to be announced, not a direct sequel but something in a similar vein.

      • Fully agree with you. And any ‘sequel’ to it would be one of my rare day-one buys, even if it couldn’t be a direct sequel and expectations would be extremely hard to match. In addition, the major story twist of the game you can really only do once. Still, more games like it are desperately needed, it really is a rare gem amongst graphically beautiful but completely forgettable games this gen.

  9. Playing Adventure Capitalist and i’m still in love with it.Also had a look on the store at the Black Friday deals and some weren’t half bad whilst the others,you get the jist.Anyhow picked up Arkham Knight and Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4 and i got the Atelier triple pack for the Vita.Just need some extra time in the day now.

  10. Finished a couple of play throughs of Resi Zero, unlocking infinite magnum and a handful if trophies.
    Picked up CoD Infinite in the Black Friday sale. Have only played the Zombies mode so far but its a lot of fun -digging the 80s theme

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