FIFA 17 Is The Latest Deal Of Christmas On The EU PlayStation Store

As we edge ever closer to the big day, PlayStation Store’s 12 Deals of Christmas continue, and today FIFA 17 takes over from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, becoming the 9th title discounted during this year’s promotion.

The standard edition will currently set you back £32.99 – a 40% discount on yesterdays price.

It’s worth noting that FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team mode is also currently running a Christmas promotion, with free cards being given away to all players.

Via: PlayStation Blog



  1. So that’s GTA5 coming on Monday, probably for a ridiculous price given the age of the game. Or they’ll try their usual “bundled with some money” nonsense.

    And Watch Dogs 2 on Wednesday, possibly for a decent-ish price.

    And FFXV on Friday, for £30+

    Chances of them all being on sale again after christmas for a New Year sale? Or a “last Wednesday of the year sale, because that’s a thing now, honest”?

  2. For anyone whose interested the Battlefront Season Pass is down to £15.99, that’s only £12.17 out of your pocket if you already have £3.82 sitting in your PSN wallet. Thanks for the tip Andrewww!!

    • How many people just happen to have £3.82 in their PSN wallet? That’s a weirdly specific amount.

      Also, a bit of a bargain at £12.17, or even £15.99. It was enough to tempt me on Thursday.

      • Well there was one, until I spent it! Yeah a great bargain, I was unsure at £20 and definitely wasn’t going to spend £40. Hopefully Battlefront 2 comes with a cheaper season pass, I do want all the extras but with little ones about I just can’t get my money’s worth at full price.

  3. Hey guys, I am a brand new user that just want to get through this doubt I have related to the FIFA 17 Christmas Deal… Why does it appear as “timed trial” instead of “full game” or “bundle” and what does it mean? (obviously I know the literal meaning of it) but what does that influence in the game??
    Does anyone already purchased that and could give me a word, I didn’t want to spend the amount for it and it happens to be some timed trial or something…

    • Looking on the PlayStation Forums there is someone questioning this,there a few people who say they bought it and on the emailed receipt from Sony it says a Full Game link bellow,I’m guessing there is or was some form of demo so people can try before taking the plunge,it may say Trial when you start the game but I’m guessing once the time passes it will be the full game if it isn’t upon starting,if there are any issues you could always contact Sony and if it is indeed messed up and it is just a trial they will refund you as no one is going to sell a trial really,

      • It’s listing the demo (“timed trial”) for £32.99, which is weird. But click through to that and you’ve got the link to “Try Free Demo” where the button to buy it would be.

        I suspect anyone who claims they paid £32.99 for the demo might just have bought the demo for £0. The whole process tends to be exactly the same, even getting an email receipt while being charged no money at all.

      • Yeah I couldn’t check as I already own the Digital version so just says purchased.

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