[UPDATE] June’s PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Confirmed

PlayStation Turkey may have jumped the gun five days ago but it is now confirmed that June’s PlayStation Plus line up will include the excellent Life Is Strange, and the shooter Killing Floor 2. Unfortunately Sony have uploaded the video which highlights these two games but not updated the blog so we have no idea what we are getting on PS3 and PS Vita.


Sony have finally got round to updating the blog and your PS3 games are Abyss Odyssey – that’s ABYSS, not ABE’S –  and WRC 5: World Rally Championship, whilst Vita owners get Spy Chameleon which scored 8/10 on TSA, and Neon Chrome, which is also cross-buy for PlayStation 4.

The new games arrive on 6th June.

Source: YouTube

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  1. That’s a shame then.

    Life is Strange is excellent, but I’ve already played it.

    And Killing Floor 2 seems to be just part of a game. A horde mode turned into a full game. Something that’s usually used as a cheap way to reuse all the assets in a game or fill a promise for some number of bits of extra content in a season pass. Looks like a reasonably good looking game, and I’m sure it’ll provide half an hour of entertainment though.

    The rest should be announced today, so let’s hope we get something worthwhile.

  2. To be honest i’m more looking forward to what’s coming on the PS3 than what’s on ps4.I’ve noticed the games they are putting up on ps4 are highly likely to have been bought already by a lot of people.Sony seem to be taking and not giving when it comes to games.

    • So they’re giving away quality, popular games on ps4, yet this is a problem?

      Would they be better off going back to giving away rubbish, unpopular games like they were doing for years?

      • More annoying than a problem i think.

  3. Sigh…Life Was Strange was on sale at a knockdown price just last month…so I bought it.

    It’s getting a tad frustrating when they continue to discount games and then the following month offer them as part of PS+.

    • It is very rare for Sony to offer brand new games, so whatever they put up on PS+ will have been on sale. Life is Strange has been on sale many times before, not just last month. If it’s a good game, then chances are some people have bought it because it was a good game. Sucks for you this month, but yay for people who didn’t buy it.

      Sony could give away shit games that no one bought, but I’m guessing that wouldn’t go down well.

      Of course you could ask Sony to give you totally brand new games for free. Like Drawn to Death.


      Didn’t think so :)

      • What if they gave away GTAV? One of the best games EVER, so ticks that box, but everyone has it already. See the conundrum? It’s a no win situation.

      • You are missing my point entirely…

        The point is though that to offer a game on sales and then the very next month offer it on PS+ is sneaky.

        The list of games on sale/discount and those coming on PS+ should have a time gap between them.

        I’m not complaining about the game itself being on PS+, I’m complaining that it was only a matter of days before this announcement that it is part of PS+ that they had it on sale…days…that is not right.

      • And I do not have or have never played GTAV… :)

      • If you look at the huge number of games in each sale – by my count there are 150+ PS4 games on sale via the current digital discount/games under 16 promotion so there is a very high chance of a game being on sale and then being on PS+. That isn’t going to change.

        The Killing Floor 2 was on sale just a few weeks ago as well.

  4. When you consider games with gold has given away 4 retail games in recent months (Rise, Project Cars, Evolve & Watch Dogs), plus all of the backwards comparable 360 games. PS+ is starting to look woeful in comparison.

    I’ve not downloaded a plus game in months.

    • You’ve missed out then on the excellent alienation which is still available. I suggest you go download it!

      • I bought it day one, agree it’s an excellent game.

  5. 2 games I’m very interested in, well done Sony. I’ve nearly bought life is strange on numerous occasions, so I’m well pleased with that, and I was tempted by killing floor 2 recently for some mindless zombie slaying.

    After the excellent alienation last month, I’m hoping this now signifies the end of Sony giving away utter crap for free every month, as that’s what they’ve done for a very long time prior to these past 2 months.

    Big hurrah for Sony please.


  6. Life is Strange is supposed to be excellent so I might finally give that a go.

    • However, as always, I wish they’d split the PS+ in two so we could have a with/without games option. The more hardcore/enthusiastic gamer will still make them a huge profit as they’re the ones buying things early on at maximum profit margin. The more casual gamer (or the ones who are happy to be patient) can enjoy the often-rich pickings of PS+.

      I really feel like Sony wouldn’t lose out on this too much and the respect it would garner would be considerable, I feel.

      • I’ve heard a rumble that they’re looking into different tiers of membership.

      • That’d be wonderful. Hope it’s legit. :)

    • Might? You must! It’s very good, graphically okay but the story is incredibly gripping. Words are not enough, play it and report back :)

  7. Noice!

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