[Update] PSN Back Online After Brief Outage

Trying to log into PSN? Well, you might be running into some difficulties this morning. According to Sony’s official network status page, the service is currently offline. As far as we know, there was no planned maintenance scheduled for today.

[UPDATE] Just minutes after posting, all services are back online. Hurrah!

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  1. It’s back up for me now, was a minor wobble it appears.

  2. Apparently “not only a PlayStation site”, but only ever reports PSN outages… Please be consistent with your reporting excuses

    • We report outages as and when we see them occur. That’s our only “excuse”, and we might miss Xbox Live downtime by not observing them quickly enough, just as we could easily have missed this one on PSN given its timing and how short it was.

      You’ve been around with enough different and consistently banned user accounts to know this.

      • Burn. Awesome.

      • Whipcrack, pow!

      • BY GAWD! TEF JUST HIT HIM WITH THE SENSEDRIVE! Stop the darn site! The man has an account! By gawd!

        Yeah, i’m bored and was just chipping in with my contribution to the replies.

        I’ll be in my corner or step or cupboard or wherever I’m sent to when I choose poorly.

  3. Probably just them changing the gaffa tape and replacing the gum that holds the entire network together or they used an even cheaper version but not the crap cheap. The cheap that is sometimes better then the brand version.

    Or someone sneezed and it shut down the single server that they use for the network.

    • And this sort of crap is caused by biased reporting like this….

      This person really believes PSN downtime is higher than Xbox live, because of the inconsistencies in reporting.

      We have had PSN outages of under 5 minutes making news here in the past, yet 2 days of Xbox live downtime not reported at all. With such a huge gulf in inconsistency, some might even think there is a hidden agenda going on..

      Looking at REAL data from downdector website, 2015-2016 PSN and Xbox Live were pretty much the sane with regards to reliability, 2016 to 2017 PSN has been noticeably better than Xbox Live.

      But then when did anyone care about factual data, especially when that data doesn’t fit the tired hidden agenda…

      • If you think we’re so biased and with a hidden agenda, then I really don’t know why you keep coming here, giving us traffic and helping our bottom line.

      • I find it utterly amusing someone would go through such lengths to “defend” their precious plastic box. Seriously considering evening lessons in psychology so I can quit my job and bathe in fortunes from what surely is a growth industry in mental illness; Obsessive Fanyboyism.

      • I ad block.

        Until any site can show responsible reporting, they don’t get a dime from me…

      • Who, me? Assuming that you mean me, as someone that owns a playstation 3, why would I be concerned with Xbox Live? PSN has a reputation for going down a lot, granted, it is not as much as it used to be but once a network has developed that reputation, it is hard to shake it off. Xbox Live has been reported when it goes down. It is also something that would be notable. It’s not 5 minute outages and PSN, as i stated, has a reputation for collasping. Combined with a lot of the site being Playstation gamers, it makes sense to do a heads up and it is always verified. Not a case of “Oh my, i can’t sign it, guess it’s down. That will make for a great article.”

        And no, TSA is not secretly trying to smear Sony or is paid by MS(For starters, the staff would have proper biscuits). The only hidden agenda is Tuffcub’s ongoing fued with some kind of trend, Teflon’s unholy love of toeshoes and likely has to be reminded to edit out all messages related to toeshoes and secret tea related hijinks. Not an anti-playstation site.

        If TSA is a bad site, why do you continue to read it? And just because you use adblock doesn’t mean it is gonna to affect the site. Why read the articles if you view us as a biased hidden agenda site?

  4. Selective site wide. Excessive ads or crappy reporting, just get a site wide adblock.

    • Your visits still count towards a website’s sessions, page views and users, all of which ties into advertising one way or another. Ad block or no, you still count toward helping a website make money through advertising, even if you don’t see ads or click on them.

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