Star Wars Battlefront II Gets A Multiplayer Beta In October

Who doesn’t love being able to get a sneaky peak at a game to help decide if it’s something they want to buy outright? While it sold millions and millions of copies, there were those that felt that the revived Star Wars Battlefront from 2015 didn’t have enough depth to the gameplay. Battlefront II looks a lot deeper, but it’s really only in trying it out that we can know for sure.

So EA are holding a multiplayer beta-cum-demo for the game in October, across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin for PC. This will kick off on 4th October for those who pre-order, before opening to all on 6th October and ending on 9th October.

You’ll be able to try out the largest 20v20 battles in the game, playing Galactic Assault mode on the Theed City map – this was featured during E3 – which pits Republic clone troopers against Separatist battle droids in and above the streets surrounding the royal palace. You’ll also be able to hop into Starfighter Assault mode, which will be detailed at Gamescom in late August.

Source: press release, EA

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