Has Detroit: Become Human Had A Visual Downgrade? Nope – Read This

There’s a storm of internet outrage brewing as a user created video seems to show that Detroit: Become Human has had a significant visual downgrade since it was seen in 2016. You can check out the video below.

You can see that images are blurry, textures are flat and it does looks significantly worse. The source for the 2018 footage seems to be “Detroit Become Human – Official Release Date Trailer” which has been posted some YouTube channels, but crucially, not Sony. You can see one such upload, by Play4Games, below and yes, it does look blurry and a lot worse than what we had seen previously before.


Compare the footage above with the video we captured ourselves four months ago.

And a screen shot released by Sony just days ago, which I’ve cropped just so the image isn’t shrunk as much to fit on the page.

So why do the “Official Release Date Trailer” look rubbish? Well, let’s take a look at another version of that, this time uploaded by Izuniy, who is associated with All Games Delta, aka the place where lazy writers go to get their trailers.

Wait, is that a second time bar in the video? Why yes it is! The “Official Release Date Trailer” on YouTube has never been posted by Sony, it’s not on their YouTube channel, the last Detroit video is from Paris Games Week.

The video posted by everyone is actually a screen capture of a video playing on the PlayStation Store, you can see the L2 and R2 controls at the bottom. Videos shown on the PlayStation Store from your console aren’t exactly the best of quality to start with and once you shove that through three more rounds of compression, nothing is going to look good. So there’s your answer: No, there hasn’t been a downgrade back to the PS3, it’s just a rubbish source.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, kids.

Apart from this, obvs.

And everything else on TSA.

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  1. I love your no-nonsense reporting TC, never change :)

  2. I pretty much assumed it was someone using rubbish sources for their comparison but thanks for the detective work! :)

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