The News At Sixth-Ish: 17/05/18

The reveal of Black Ops IIII  has just finished which explains why it’s a bit quiet on the news desk today, no one want’s to get buried under the CoD news. It’s also my excuse as to why today’s news round-up is late. Soz.

Also today…

Battlefield V is called Battlefield V, and not Battlefield 2, meaning the numbering system for the series – 1,2,3,4,1,5 – is up there with Windows – 1,2,3,95,4,98,2000,7,8,10 – and Xbox – 1,360,1.

Fox n Forests is out today, here’s the launch trailer and you can also read our review.

Here’s an update on Sony’s ChinaHero project,which supports developers in China who are making games for PS4.

Yoshimitsu has been revealed for SoulCalibur VI


Tennis World Tour has been pushed back by one week and now launches on June 1st.

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