The News At Sixth: 21/05/18

Welcome to your evening round-up of video games news, the post-royal wedding edition. The nuptials seemed to be used as an excuse for every company to try and flog us something, I noticed NowTV had a special playlist of wedding movies and Mario and Peach were seen on adverts on the London Underground, dressed in their wedding gear and wishing Megs and Hazza a happy day. I’m quite surprised there was a a special event in Fortnite to help celebrate the marriage.

Anyway, on to the news


Also today…

Devolver Digital are returning to E3, you may remember last year’s press conference was more like performance art with no game announcements but quite a lot of blood. It seems we can expect something similar this year on Sunday, June 10 at 8PM Pacific as the publisher give “Apologies in advance.”

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