The News At Sixth: 22/05/18

Tuesday then, nothing exciting ever happens on Tuesdays does it? That’s another way of me saying it’s been a quiet day for news, so quiet that we’ve reported on some moss to fill the time, but on the upside it has meant I’ve had time to finish off my review of Detroit: Become Human, so watch out for that in a few days.

Here’s what happened today:

Also today…

MXGP Pro has a new trailer showcasing the compound, a free roam training area.


Cat Quest is getting a sequel, and it’s cunningly called Cat Quest II. The story will see you travel to an land populated by dogs. What a twist!

Avalanche are opening a new studio in Malmo, Sweden which is good news. They thev also revealed that Rage 2 will be running on Apex, the Avalanche open-world engine, and not using iD tech.

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