Detroit: Become Human Has Hit The Million Units Sold Milestone After Two Weeks

Quantic Dream has confirmed to French newspaper Les Échos that Detroit: Become Human reached a million units sold  since its just over two weeks. The announcement came from  Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Quantic Dream’s Deputy CEO. He also confirmed that these are the best launch figures for a Quantic Dream developed title. Heavy Rain took five weeks to reach the same target.

Detroit: Become Human topped the charts in the UK during its debut week. If you haven’t played the game yet have a look at our review of it and see if it’s something you may enjoy.

Source:  Les Échos via Resetera

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  2. Wow. Well deserved. It’s amazing! Don’t want it to end.

    Trying to do the ‘right thing’ and find a common ground but it’s so tempting to retaliate against the constant barrage of hostility. ‘The March’ was absolutely fantastic, so moving and empowering. FREEDOM! Love it.

  3. Great stuff, i would love to see them do something in VR next.

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