A New Free To Play Lord Of The Rings MMO Is Happening

The Lord of the Rings series is ripe for stories, and it has managed to entertain for years be it the books, film, and games. Now it appears a new free to play MMO is in developed and is being put together by Athlon Games. Athlon hasn’t released much detail like when to expect it or which platforms players will be able to access the game on, but the company has stated the story will be set before Frodo and the rest of Fellowship head off to face Sauron.

How much before is speculative for now. It could be anywhere from The Hobbit to any other point in the fictional world’s history.Athlon Games have stated this will be a AAA experience, and as they own Digital Extremes as well as Splash Damage they may have the technical clout to deliver.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Lets wait and see – can do any harm checking it out it being free.

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