The News At Sixth: 19/09/18

Would any other industry get away with asking you for £90 to pre-order something but not tell you what you are getting? I mean, you kinda like to know what you are buying before… buying it? Call me Captain Sensible Pants if you like, but that doesn’t seem too much to ask. Sony seem to disagree so pre-orders for the PlayStation Classic are already up but only four of the twenty games included have been listed.

Here’s today’s news which includes the words “Floofs”, and that pleases me greatly.


Also today

Ubisoft’s Transference has a launch trailer.

Override: Mech City Brawl shows off the new PvP modes in this trailer.

VR thriller Blind is out now, investigate a strange mansion and its mysteries using echolocation.

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  1. I agree TC a pre-order with no info of the games is stupid!
    I’m giving that a miss but do hope for success.

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