Nintendo Labo VR Kit will hold a Switch to your face in April

Nintendo’s first foray into the Virtual Reality has been announced today with Nintendo Labo: VR Kit,  set to hit the shelves on 12th April. As with the rest of Nintendo Labo, this is very much a DIY VR project, similar in someways to the original Google Cardboard VR headsets, but with a much, much more playful slant, including Toy-Cons for a VR camera, bird, elephant and more.

If you thought you look stupid playing PSVR, just wait till you see these bonkers creations!


I spot Paparazzi and Duck Vet simulators in there, but I’m sure you can get your captioning chops going in the comments.

There’s a total of six Toy-Con built around this, and Nintendo are offering it in four sets. The full VR Kit includes the VR Goggles, Toy-Con Blaster, Toy-Con Camera, Toy-Con Bird, Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Toy-Con Elephant, but the Starter Set + Blaster includes just Goggles and Blaster. The Starter Set can then be expanded with two sets that add Toy-Con Elephant and Camera in Expansion Set 1 and Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Bird in Expansion Set 2.

Both versions come with a screen holder and safety cap, with the screen holder’s intended so that you can turn the VR features off and play in 2D.

As with the previous Toy-Con there will be both Nintendo designed games and activities off the back of building these creations – the Blaster will have you fighting off an alien invasion while the Camera takes you under the sea to snap photos of fish – but they also tie in with the Toy-Con Garage mode, which features intuitive programming tools to experiment with and act as a learning tool for children.

There’s no details on pricing, but as with the rest of the Nintendo Labo range, it receives a PEGI 7+ age rating. There’s also more explicit warnings on the box to state that this really is only intended for children over the age of 7, as stereoscopic 3D effects can be damaging to children’s eyes under the age of 6 – other VR systems and the Nintendo 3DS carry similar warnings.

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  1. There’s definitely elephant simulator in there.

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