What We Played #394 – Persona 5, Devil May Cry 5 & Nioh

There’s some brilliant games out there at the moment, and a somewhat welcome lull in the schedule has meant we’ve all been able to enjoy them without having to play them like our lives depended on it (unless you’ve been reviewing or writing guides on them, of course). I’m still on Devil May Cry 5, but that’s been joined by a welcome return to Borderlands and its quite lovely remaster (although the 360/PS3 original still looks pretty damn good thanks to that brilliant art style). Besides that there’s more Shadow of Rise of the Planet of the Tomb Raider (or whatever it’s called), and I’ve reviewed the fab Dangerous Driving that’s a perfect fix for Burnout fans.

Nic B has been playing Persona 5. He’s 130 hours in and is getting ever closer to the platinum. That’s commitment right there. Aran meanwhile has played ‘Stress Simulator’. “It’s very life like and has characters that call themselves tutors remind you there’s deadlines in a week and a total of 10000 words is due by then.
Also a bit of Super Mario Odyssey.”

Jim has been glued to his PSVR again with a mix of old and new (which sounds fairly permanent). “I’ve just started Falcon Age which is showing promise as you command and care for your avian companion in a strange sci-fi adventure, and I finally got around to playing Accounting+ which is easily one of the funniest games I’ve played, despite not being a particularly big Rick and Morty fan.”

Steve has had a hell of a week:  “I cleared Ico, played some Killzone HD which feels prehistoric, Tokyo Jungle which is silly fun, Rain which should get a PS4 port (actually both of those should) and started to look at inFamous.

“Away from the PS3 I checked out Guacamelee on PS4 and played a big ole chunk of Grimshade on PC for review. Somehow I also found time to try out Metal Gear Solid on Vita, but found the D-pad horrible to use so didn’t get very far. Phew!”

Jason has been grafting this week, while playing lots of “the fantastic Risk of Rain 2, a fair chunk of the Borderlands remaster, and unfortunately more Outward.” Nicole meanwhile has been pushed into trying out something scary; “Despite my better judgement, I’ve succumbed to peer pressure and finally thrown myself into the Resident Evil franchise starting with Resi 5 which is shaping up to be quite an enjoyable co-op experience. That aside I’ve returned to Hallownest in Hollow Knight, armed and ready to take on finicky platforming puzzles and unforgiving bug bosses.”

Ade has been playing some more Nioh “which is terrific, I’m enjoying it waaaaaay more than I ever thought I would. Plus… I think I might, just might, be getting quite good at it. I’ve also played some of The Messenger for review – it’s good.” Jake has also got on the Borderlands train, playing through all the Borderlands games this week. Aside from that, he caught a Giratina Origin form during a 1 hour Pokémon Go raid event yesterday too.

Tuffcub has exceeded all expectations by playing loads of games that aren’t just Destiny 2!

“Woo! Let’s get the obvious one of the way first, Destiny 2. Can Bungie please stop deducting valour if you lose competitive matches? I always get matched with twonks and I can never get up to the Fabled rank to get the sodding weapon. (If anyone wishes to join me in some Competitive please leave a message in the comments)

I have also been playing The Surge, which I am rather enjoying. It took a while to get my head around the game mechanics, but now that I’ve levelled up a bit it’s great fun, although the first boss is proving to be a bit of a bastard.

Next up is RICO which is great in short bursts and even better when playing with a chum on split screen. GRIP also has split screen, but has the massive problem in that it’s a racing game which means my husband is actually as good at it as I am. He’s rubbish at every other type of game, but racing games he can sometimes beat me. Bah.

On to Rezzed then, which personally I found a bit of a disappointment as there was a lot of games that were already out or were there the year before. I played Cake Bash, a party game where you play as a cake and must throw figs in to a bowl, and a clone of Dead Space the name of which I have forgotten. It was so Dead Space-y, even down to the stomp mechanic and having the health display on the back of the character. Also had a quick go on Dreams, which had some impressive demo games.

But wait! There’s more! I’ve also played H1Z1, Black Ops 4 Blackout, and went back to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and did some pirate stuff!”

Nick P has stuck with the same games at home as last week, with Sekiro and Black Ops 4 Blackout still doing the numbers. However he did make it to Rezzed and tried out a few things there. “I played My Friend Pedro and Heave-Ho at Rezzed. They were good. Heave-Ho was VERY good actually.”

Lastly, Tef popped over to Paris to visit Focus Home Interactive’s What’s Next showcase, getting to go hands on with The Surge 2, dig into what the hell Farming Simulator esports are like, play a bit more of A Plague Tale: Innocence, and see some Greedfall. On the way too and from the event, he’s been indulging the completionist within him and returning to Yoshi’s Crafted World.

What about you? Are you still enjoying Sekiro or have you jumped on with Borderlands?

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  1. Ever-reliable ramblings time then, is it? ;)

    Bit more of this month’s PS+ games. Decided Conan was really shit and deleted it, and haven’t made any real progress in The Surge.

    Still enjoying Agents of Mayhem. I can see how it could get a bit repetitive, but the handy mission structure means you can do 2 or 3 missions without getting bored and then leave it for another day.

    Honor and Duty: D-Day got a bit more attention, and a Platinum trophy. Getting to be top scorer in a team deathmatch game was a challenge, as there’s a handful of people who are stupidly good and always come top. But then I think the server had a funny turn and I ended up in a game with only 2 people. And the other one left. Kill a few bots and the trophy pops. Then it was just the last trophy for winning a Battle Royale game. Which isn’t too bad because nobody plays that mode, and so you just need to kill bots again.

    Then I spotted Stellaris on sale. So that’s going to be dozens of hours there. Already abandoned 2 games because it just wasn’t working out. Expanded too quickly and couldn’t get enough energy resources in 1. The other I was lacking influence and couldn’t expand. Next time I’ll get it right. Maybe. They’ve done a good job of porting it to the PS4 too. The UI works surprisingly well.

    There would have been more this week, but apparently being 4 uncles means you have to sometimes spend some time helping nieces and nephews revising for GCSEs and A-Levels because of course I can remember all that physics and chemistry from 25+ years ago.

  2. Since I couldn’t find and or post last week’s what we played… I had Platinum Rise of the Tomb Raider last Sunday…. this week is Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster from Plus and only 3 missions away on Veteran Difficulty and soon to be a platinum tomorrow same applies to Dangerous Driving as I completed and got Gold on all events, just have to grind the miles for each car which will also be another Platinum tomorrow.

  3. High five Nic B! We are doing the exact same thing this week.

  4. Finished Spiderman this week, immensely brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Just one trophy away from the platinum but its a boring grind so I don’t know if I’ll bother, I’ve got about 50 more randomly spawned crimes to stop. That involves basically swinging around town until the crime decides to spawn, fighting some enemies, and repeating it 50 times. The only reason I’m considering it is because the actual gameplay is so much fun.

    Other than that I’ve had a fair bit of Apex Legends which is always fun and have started on Division 2,managed to get myself up to level 20ish. Looking forward to the end game grind on that.

  5. I’ve played some RDR2, game looks great but the combat and mechanics seem clunky.

    And Astro Bot, goddamn marvelous and full of little touches that all add up to a wonderful VR game.

    And with NMS receiving a huge update soon i’ve been dipping back into it in anticipation!

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