The Witcher 3 is going to be pretty low resolution on Nintendo Switch

Following on from the reveal of The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch, CD Projekt Red were understandably badgered for details on how it would actually run on the console and where Saber Interactive had to make cuts while porting it across.

Seeing no need to beat around the bush, they put it all out in the open. It’s going to be running at 540p in handheld mode, and try to push up to 720p with a dynamic resolution when docked.


Honestly, that’s completely unsurprising when considering the power disparity between the Switch and the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – the PS4 was locked to 1080p while the Xbox One was typically 900p, and neither platform was at a steady 30fps at launch. It took plenty of later updates and optimisation to weed out some of the most troublesome areas in the game, though thankfully all of that work will carry forward to the Switch version. We’ll have to wait and see how steady a frame rate the console can manage!

By comparison to other third party ports to the system, 540p is actually quite a healthy resolution. Digital Foundry analysis found that Mortal Kombat 11 could go as low as 682×384 in handheld, while Doom’s port sacrificed resolution and frame rate on the way down to 576p, and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus would range between 360p and 432p.

In the flesh, it might look a little something like this:

The port to the Switch will be the Complete Edition of the game, including two huge story expansions to the game – Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. CD Projekt Red say that’s over 150 hours of gameplay that you can now take with you on the go. Quite impressively, they’re also ensuring that all of that content will be included on the game cartridge if you buy a physical copy of the game. Oh, and there’ll be a game compendium, map, and some stickers included as well. Just because.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition will be coming to Nintendo Switch some time later this year.

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  1. That’s worse that PS Vita isn’t it?

    • No. I don’t think the PS Vita would be able to run The Witcher 3 at 540p. (But yes, it is the 16:9 resolution of the Vita’s screen, less four horizontal lines)

      • “I don’t think the PS Vita would be able to run The Witcher 3” – neither can Switch, unless it looks like a smeary mess :P

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