Surprise! Sony has swapped one of July’s PlayStation Plus games

Well, here’s something that doesn’t happen very often. Right before unleashing July’s pair of free PlayStation Plus games, Sony has decided to swap one out.

Instead of getting Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, subscribers will receive a copy of last year’s Detroit: Become Human, the futuristic thriller from Heavy Rain studio, Quantic Dream.


Meanwhile, arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo will remain the second free PlayStation Plus game.

Sony posted the following statement over on the Official PlayStation Blog:

We are making a swap to the PS Plus games lineup for July. This month, we are adding Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition*, which also includes Heavy Rain (Beyond Two Souls), to the July games lineup instead of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sony did not give an explanation as to why Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 was replaced. However, when July’s PlayStation Plus lineup was originally revealed last week, not everyone was particularly happy.

It’s not often that we see annualised sports games being bundled into the free monthly PlayStation Plus offering. On one hand, PES 2019 was generally well received upon release and will still set you back a £15 if you go looking for a copy.

However, with this year’s instalment of the Konami football franchise out in early September, it seems like an odd candidate for PlayStation Plus.

It seems likely that the swap was made following the backlash from PlayStation Plus members who took issue with having a footie game as one of July’s picks, especially with Sony having recently cut the number of free monthly games it offers down to two.

There are bound to be some who were actually looking forward to getting their hands on PES though Detroit arguably makes for a good substitution. We loved the game when it launched last year, scoring it an impressive 9/10.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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  1. Not next month’s, this month’s. It’s July already, although I understand the confusion because I was wondering how that happened.

    Due to having absolutely zero interest in football, ever, that means this month has gone from being the worst month of PS+ ever, to one of the better ones.

  2. Wow, that’s a pretty good move, cheers Sony!

  3. Oh ball bags literally just finished Detroit.. And traded in my copy why the price was right.
    On the positive side I could download it and mop up any missing trophies

    • Ffs just bought Detroit in the sale. Was looking forward to PES

  4. Very good indeed..! Not that I’ll ever get round to playing Detroit, but it’s definitely more interesting than PES.

  5. The only game I’ve actually wanted to download and play in probably a whole years worth of PS+ offerings, and they swap it for something I’ve zero interest in last minute. Nice one Sony you utter twats lol.

    • While i agree that Detroit is the better game (subjectively of course…), i already have it. Also, having heard that PES is coming, i already convinced a few friends to get together and play a few matches online.
      So personally, i would have preferred the original lineup…

      • Dont really know why this got posted as a reply, wasnt planned!

  6. You W.NK.RS, Sony! I just sold my PES 19 for this update! Now I have no footy game! F.CK.RS!!!

  7. This is shit. I’ve got Detroit.

    • Same. Having not bought a football game for years as only enjoy odd game was looking forward to this. Plus with backwards compatibility on PS5 it would have done for a good few years. Well until the next one on Plus. Dare say we’ll get this one soon though.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right, pal.

  8. 75gb download.

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