The Surge 2’s story trailer shows the beginning of the end

Who’d have guessed, but the canonical ending to The Surge was not the happy one and The Surge 2 picks up just a little while later with humanity’s future at a crossroads. Will you be able to save mankind when the game comes out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 24th September?


The game takes us to Jericho City, where government forces are caught in the midst of a running battle with Nano-cultists who are seeking to harvest everything can from the city to further their end. Meanwhile, you’re just trying to figure out who the hell you are, as an amnesiac lone warrior following a girl named Athena who’s leading you through the chaotic city’s streets.

Of course, the story might help, but the real draw of the game is its distinctive twist on Souls-like action, with dismemberment and limb-targeting still at the core of the combat and progression system. With new weapons, new gadgets, enhanced ranged combat and more implants, Deck 13 have worked to refine and expand the original’s gameplay.

There’s been quite a stream of trailers as they build up to release. You can see 8 minutes of combat gameplay here, as well as some of those brutal dismemberments here. A couple of weeks ago there was the customisation trailer showing just how personalised you can make the main character, while going back to E3 the trailer was of the more cinematic variety which featured the aforementioned cultists and mysterious child.

In our latest preview for The Surge 2 Dom wrote, “The Surge 2 is shaping up to be a serious contender in the tough Soul-bourne genre this year, and while it’s undoubtedly built upon the foundations that the first game laid, it looks as though it’s truly found its own identity, backed up by some seriously visceral, enjoyable sci-fi combat.”

We’ve received review code this week – expect to get our verdict just ahead of its 24th September release date – but it seems like the PR team have slightly misunderstood the techno dystopian themes featured in the game:

PS. the embargo date should say 23rd, not 24th.

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