Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC drops from January 23rd

During State of Play a repeat of the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC trailer played, a repeat as it leaked a few days back. Anyway, following the trailer Square Enix confirmed the dates of when the DLC will be made available on both PS4 and Xbox One, with Xbox One players having to wait a month more than the PS4 players.


PS4 players will be able to grab Re Mind on January 23rd while Xbox One players will have to wait until February 25th. Re Mind will feature various Final Fantasy characters including Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith. In Re Mind Sora will travel back to his friends and discover brand new things following the conclusion of the main story. There will be two new boss battles to tackle, a Premium Mode which adds new difficulty settings, and a secret episode. In January update 1.07 will be released on both platforms and this will add a story update, new form for Sora, the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades, and new ways to share things.

Source: Press Release

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  1. A whole 2 new boss battles? Doesn’t sound like the biggest DLC ever. Which would be fine, except they’re selling it for £25. (Pre-order on the PS Store)

    Or £33 with some orchestral concert video included. Better decide if you want that or not, as it says that won’t be available separately. It does say you can buy the bundle at full price if you then decide you want to watch that, but given how the PS store works, it’s not going to let you do that, is it? Doesn’t usually let you buy anything if you own even just a single bit of the included content.

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