Hitman 2’s January content roadmap unveiled by IO Interactive

IO Interactive has announced what players can expect to experience in Hitman 2 with the January content roadmap. There is a not a lot of content considering IO Interactive is now moving on to the next game in the Hitman series, and so there are less resources available to continue adding new content to Hitman 2.


This month then players will see 11 featured contracts added to the game following the theme Stay Frosty. While Hokkaido will be one of the main locations there will be other areas where these contracts will be taking place. On January 17th an elusive target will be reactivated at that is The Undying Mark Faba, played by Sean Bean, in Miami. However, if you have already attempted the target previously it will be unaccessible regardless of if you passed or failed the first time this content was available. Some Curated Contracts, chosen by community member Mullet Pride, will be added to the game as well. Finally, there will be an IOI monthly stream, and that will take place on January 30th.

Way back when Hitman 2 was released Stefan wrote in the review:

Building on the foundations of the 2016 game, Hitman 2 is full of the best Hitman stealth action yet. Yes, it’s evolutionary in some ways, and you have to accept the series’ idiosyncratic take on the genre, but there’s space for it to keep growing with the return of Escalation missions and continuing Elusive Contracts. Whether you’re a blackmailing pink flamingo, throwing briefcases at people, or getting robots to do your dirty work, the satisfaction of an expertly planned and executed hit is like nothing else.

You can read the full Hitman 2 review here.

Source: IO Interactive

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