Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to get the Marc Jacobs and Valentino outfits

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Two high end fashion labels have jumped on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons bandwagon and announced that a few of their iconic designs are now available in the game.

Marc Jacobs and Valentino have teamed up with the Animal Crossing Fashion Archive on Instagram to create the looks. The Instagram account has been unofficially recreating real life fashions within the game for a while but this team up is official with full backing from the two fashion houses.



Marc Jacobs has revealed “six of our favorite” looks for the fashion conscious Animal Crossing: New Horizons player while Valentino has announced twenty pieces.

“Excited to announce that we collaborated with @maisonvalentino on 20 custom men’s and women’s SS20/PF20 looks, featuring fluorescent dresses, puffer jackets, logo hats and more. Codes available soon via stories. So grateful to Valentino for creating an open conversation with artists on this platform, proving that the joy of creation translates into the digital realm and beyond,” posted the Fashion Archive account.

To access the new looks all you need is the creator codes for each line which are.

  • Valentino – MA-1182-5456-5837
  • Marc Jacobs – MA-6128-9720-4153

But how do you go about redeeming those codes? You need to do so at the Able Sisters store, using the Custom Designs Portal in the back right corner of the shop. This will let you search either by Design ID or Creator ID, and it’s the latter of these that you’ll want to use to reach the Marc Jacobs and Valentino designs.

Once there, you need to pick the designs and add it to your library of custom designs, overwriting a slot just as if you were adding designs via QR code.

In Japan Animal Crossing: New Horizons has overtaken Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is now the best selling Switch game ever in the region.

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